These Are The Best Squad Combat Games For Your Mobile Devices

You tend to find when it comes to mobile gaming that when somebody comes up with a good idea within months there are several clones of that idea. If an idea is really good then occasionally it will have an IP skin pasted over the top of it as well. Such is the case with squad combat games. You know the ones where you have two teams of characters facing off against each other? There are dozens of these but which are the best?

Galaxy of Heroes

This game has been around for years now and is one of the titles that started the squad combat trend. This is a double edged sword. The upside here is that there is a lot of content, from space battles to raids, this title has it all. The flip side is that the visuals are a little dated compared to some of the other games and the tutorials don’t really cover the advanced elements of the game so you have to hunt around for good information online. However it is frigging Star Wars and is worth playing for that alone. The roster here is probably the most massive in any of these games too.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends

You may think that this franchise doesn’t have enough characters in order to pull off this type of game. After all the majority of the films games focus on just a few characters. However it does a good job of drawing on the cartoons and lots of other media to provide a solid roster. This game is pretty but it is a bit of a niche market.

Marvel Strike Force

This seems to be in that sweet spot where it has been out long enough to have lots of content but not out so long that it doesn’t look amazing. It really does and it has a huge roster. Now they have started integrating more of the X-men too so it looks certain to keep growing! Probably the best game on the list as it stands.

Pokémon duel

This combines the traditional squad combat formula with a board game and Pokémon and if that hasn’t sold you on the concept then nothing will. It is definitely a novel take on the concept and there is enough to do to keep you occupied for hours.

Star Trek Timelines

Once again this is a different spin on the classic formula as it involves ship combat as well. It is cool to see different characters from the different generations of the legendary sci-fi show. After all who doesn’t want to see Janeway and Kirk together?

South Park Phone Destroyer

This has all the typical humour and pizazz you’d expect from a South Park game. Okay, so it is a little less crude but it is brilliant. The art style is fantastic and true to the source material. It perfectly combines card collecting with combat for an experience that will have you coming back for more.

Disney Heroes

The impact you have on the actual combat is minimal but there is something very addictive about trying to unlock your favourite characters. I am a little bit annoyed because the advert for the game included Maui and he isn’t in it yet. I hope they expand this to be like Disney infinity and include Star Wars and marvel characters. If they do that I won’t put it down!

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

New to the scene. This game is graphically stunning. Due to a small(ish) roster there are multiple versions of all your fave WB characters. It has a cool city building element tacked on too.

WWE Immortals

This one takes a “mortal-kombat” style approach introducing swipes so it is more of a beat-em-up. It has a card based system and features cool mythological versions of all your favourite WWE stars, and HHH. I’m just kidding we all love HHH.

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