Urban Myths That Just Happen To Be True

Do you ever hear someone spouting off myths they swear are true? Quite a lot of the time they aren’t, right? Well, some actually are.

Cocaine on banknotes

You have probably heard this myths and thought there is no way it could be true. It does not mean that the US is absolutely rife with coke heads. However, coke does stick to the green dye on notes and when banknotes with cocaine get stuck into money counters at banks traces of it get spread to almost all the notes. These are literally just traces but they appear on the majority of US dollar bills.

Water can explode in the microwave

When water is superheated it can get explosive. Unfortunately, there is no way of dictating the actual temperature in your microwave. So while it rarely happens it can happen, so why take the risk? Probably better off sticking with the humble kettle.

Celery contains negative calories

I’m sure you have heard this one. The myth is that it takes more calories for your body to digest celery then celery contains calories. Well, it’s actually true. Studies were done and clearly, it has a negative calorie count. It’s just a shame it tastes like garbage.

Picasso has a long name

Pablo Picasso has a ring to it, right? The famed artist has an artistic sounding name, or does he? It turns out that his full name is just a tiny bit longer, containing some 20 words. No, we are not making this up. His full name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de Los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. Imagine being the teacher doing his register!

Dogs are raised for food in Asia

This is not just a rumour spread by racists. There is even an annual event where thousands of dogs are slaughtered and eaten This event, understandably has drawn huge criticism from the western world.

Coca-cola used to contain cocaine

You have probably heard this throughout your life. Whether you believe it or not is another matter entirely! But it is true. Allegedly it contained enough to get you pretty seriously addicted as well. To be quite honest I’m addicted to the current version and that doesn’t contain any cocaine, but that’s just me!

Gods of our solar system

All the planets in our solar system are named after ancient gods apart from one. Which one isn’t? Our humble earth. Even some of the moons have godly names and here is our poor earth with a rubbish, non-godly name. But we have McDonald’s so who is the real winner?

Separate deliveries

You know how people assume twins always come out at the same time – by that we mean sequentially, a lady doesn’t have to squeeze two heads out at exactly the same time – you got what we meant, right? Anyway, it isn’t always the case. The second twin can sometimes be born a month or two after the first. Imagine being twins and having a birthday two months later. Weird eh?

Pentagon protected

The Pentagon is prepared for all manner of disasters. Among the strangest is that it has a zombie protocol. Despite the fact that zombies, you know, aren’t real! Apparently, this isn’t entirely uncommon and lots of big institutions have plans should this happen. Imagine the health and safety training on your first day at work!

If the apocalypse does come…

Speaking of the end of the world…If you are ever locked in your house due to the zombie hordes and running out of supplies you can drink the water from your water boiler. It is drinkable and holds a decent amount.

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