Ever Fancied Being a Paranormal Investigator? Here’s What It Is Like

There are some pretty cool jobs in this world. Like that guy who has to be a “caretaker” on that desert island, calling it his own for most months of the year. How awesome would that be? You know what else we think would be pretty cool? Being a paranormal investigator.

What they do

The clue is in the name. They investigate strange occurrences. Most of us have an interest in the paranormal, or at least it would appear so gauging by the success of shows like Stranger Things and The X Files back in the day. So if you want to become the next Fox Mulder read on.


Let’s be frank here. This is not like being a postman! Not everybody requires the services of a paranormal investigator. To be quite honest the majority of people who work in this field do so as a hobby. It isn’t something to get into if you’re ambitious and want to use it to make money. Sorry to shatter your illusions. And for the odd one or two that do make money, they usually have degree or better in parapsychology.

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However, there are some courses you can do with various online colleges. Take these for what they are worth though. If you think they are going to be a gateway into lots of work and being accepted as an investigator they probably aren’t. If you consider them fun and interesting then you might not feel quite so ripped off at the end.

Meat and potatoes

The bare bones of the role are that you will be called to places that people consider to be haunted. While you are there you will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner. People do not want some hokey hippy rocking up at their door to light candles and set up a ouija board. If that is what you are looking to do you are in the wrong field, or rather a house.

You are a scientist

When you are investigating paranormal phenomena you are doing so as a scientist. This may sound surprising, but science is constantly looking to understand how things work. Just because studying the paranormal is a science that does not mean that scientists believe in ghosts, In fact, the vast majority of them don’t. However, as a scientific investigator, it is your job to find out what is causing the disturbances.

Tools of the trade

In order to be taken seriously, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment. Remember that you are not trying to prove what is real, you effectively trying to aid research on what causes paranormal phenomena. So while there isn’t equipment to look for ghosts you will need a host of recording equipment in order to measure every facet of your environment. Among the things, you will require are accelerometers to measure the vibrations in items. Video recorders and cameras to take visual logs. Infra-red cameras. Thermal cameras. Spectrum analysers to detect atmospheric energy.

Qualities needed

It is important you are a good fit for this role. A good investigator will be open minded but a critical thinker. They will be fact-driven and not delve into assumptions.

Getting work

The best approach would be to seek a mentor. A person who can show you the ropes. There are only a couple of thousand paranormal investigators around so this can be challenging! Once you have a foot in the door make sure you put an emphasis on precision. If your recording is meticulous your studies are far more likely to be considered and while you may not be the person to get to the route of what causes paranormal activity at least your work might help someone else to do just that.

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