Signs That Your Relationship Needs To Go

Ending a relationship always seems difficult. The majority of the time if you are ending it, it’s because you have already decided that it isn’t right for you. Just because you have made that choice doesn’t make it easy. Chances are you don’t want to hurt the other person.

It is always important to make sure that you are doing the right thing. So here are some sure-fire signs that the relationship is probably not right for you.

You can’t picture a future

If you are with the right person you will be able to. Don’t get it twisted this isn’t important after the first couple of dates but after the first three months? This does not mean that you can see yourself marrying them. Marriage isn’t for everyone but if all your future plans revolve around you and not the pair of you then your subconscious is telling you something and you need to listen.

You never argue

Arguments are important. They give you a chance to clear the air and makeup sex can be amazing. (Just kidding, it is a total myth!) So if you don’t argue at all, when you finally do, it might shake your relationship to breaking. Being in a healthy relationship means that you should be secure enough to speak your mind and so should your partner. You won’t worry about hurting one another because ultimately you both know that the other person cares.

You always argue

Conversely, arguments shouldn’t be happening all the time. Sometimes this can be a sign that you are too different. Compatibility is massively important. It can also be a sign that the other person is toxic. Either way, frequent arguments are not a good sign.

They don’t make you feel good about yourself

Ultimately if you traverse any dating site in the modern world you will likely come across people saying it is “all about the bants” it is fun to tease your partner and poke fun at them playfully. However, it is important that they do let you know you are valuable and vice versa. There is nothing worse than constantly being made to feel like you aren’t good enough. In a relationship worth keeping the other person will attempt to lift you up and make you feel special.

All give and no take

relationships are about balance. In a great relationship, you would willingly do just about anything to keep your significant other happy but you rarely have to. And you can see that they are bending over backwards to make you happy. Relationships are the best when two people care about one another more than themselves. It is a wonderful feeling when all you invest in your relationship is given back with interest.

They want different things

This one can really sting. When you both seem so right together but you just don’t want the same things. Perhaps one of you wants a baby and the other doesn’t or maybe one of you wants to travel but there other has ties which means they just can’t leave. It sucks when these are the reasons that a good couple splits, but ultimately those long term goals have to mesh or eventually it will end in even more heartache.

The Incidentals

When you are truly in love with someone there will be things about them that would irritate anyone else but to you, they seem like the cutest thing in the world. If those things annoy the hell out of you then you aren’t in love! Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve to be happy and you should never put anybody else’s happiness above your own.

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