Playstation Or Xbox – Who Will Win The Next Gen War?

If console wars were a boxing match then there is no doubt what the result was between the PlayStation 4 and The Xbox one. It was a knockout for Sony, but as rumours begin to gather pace about the next generation and with this generation coming to a close it is time to talk about who will win the rematch.


The battle for supremacy wasn’t always a two horse race. In fact, the earliest console wars were between Sega and Nintendo. Nintendo were the clear winners there and in fact still, create consoles today. Although these days they have been relegated to the company that makes novel consoles rather than gaming machines that compete with the big two. Traditionally the battle between Sony and Microsoft has been pretty close. But the last round was a comprehensive butt whipping by Sony. The release dates for the two consoles were virtually identical. But the PlayStation has overwhelmingly outsold its competitor almost doubling what Microsoft’s console has managed.

Reasons for success

You could analyse the reasons for this disparity until the cows come home. There is a lot to like about both consoles. A lot of people, die-hard Xbox fans included, will place the blame for the Xbox’s poor sales on a couple of their big decisions. The first of these choices was that they had initially planned to make the console an online console only. This would mean that people with poor internet or no internet would have suffered. They later rethought the decision.

Also, there was the price factor. Microsoft had put a lot of effort into their Kinect camera. The rationale was understandable. Nintendo had done decent figures with their Nintendo Wii. Despite being technologically inferior to Microsoft’s and Sony’s efforts. Microsoft wanted to grab that casual gamer and attract them to their own console. The difference was is that the Wii cost about a fifth of the price of the new Xbox! With casual gamer comes a modest budget.

PS5 Rumours

The PS4 has had its insides confirmed and will contain an 8-core CPU. It will contain state of the art SSD drives and 3d sound. The details of this are yet to arrive but it sounds exciting! It has confirmed it will have PS4 backward compatibility and will have built-in 8k resolution support. This will give it a certain degree of future proofing.

Xbox Two rumours

Many believe that this will be Microsoft’s first real foray into Virtual Reality. Let’s hope they don’t push the focus onto it as they did with the Kinect. Given as the last incarnations of the Xbox One didn’t even contain a port for the camera we can assume that the Kinect is dead. (I am actually a little sad about this, thought the concept was cool) in terms of the internal hardware, the strongest rumours suggest there will be two versions a premium and a not so premium version. The top end machine will be akin to the One X. It will allegedly contain 16gb of onboard GDDR6 RAM, a custom 8 core GPU. And a custom 12+ Teraflop GPU.

The likely winner

Although the x-box rumours suggest the hardware will be similar, with its superior range of exclusive games and its reputation for not screwing up it seems like Playstation will continue to dominate. It would take a monumental blunder for it to start to lose ground to Microsoft. Although the console giants have announced they are giving this year E3 a miss. This is a rather brazen approach to take and not only does it devalue the event but also it may well quell the hype behind the Playstation’s upcoming console.

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