Stale Relationship? These Are The Signs They Are Just Not Into You

A whole movie exists just to chronicle the fact that sometimes the person you are with just isn’t that into you. However, figuring out whether they are or not is not an exact science. Fortunately, we are here to help you out with a few hints that he/she might not be into you.

Their best friend is their phone

Sure, in the modern world more and more people spend more and more time glued to their electronic devices. However, if you are trying to start a conversation and all you get is a few grunts while they stare at their screen, at worst your relationship has become stale. You deserve attention.

And yet they never message you

If someone is glued to their phone when you are together and never finds the time to drop you a message then it shows that you aren’t really on their mind. Obviously, when you first start dating you will message one another frequently and that subsides with time. But come on, we all love a cheeky, “I’m thinking of you” message while we are at work, right?

No to everything

You are taking the onus and trying to get them to do something that isn’t watching TV and they always say no. Sure, there may be an element of social anxiety and if they are the type of person that can be like that it is worth considering. But as a general rule of thumb couples will occasionally do things together. If they show a complete unwillingness to do this then there may be a reason.

Your sex life is limp

Sex is important for most healthy relationships. If you have suddenly gone from once a week to once every couple of months there may well be a reason for that. Dry spells happen, but an absence of intimacy can be a bad sign.

They flirt with everyone, apart from you

If they don’t always flirt with you that is alright. Perhaps they are just not that type of person. If you get no love when they are treating everyone else like they are potential future lovers then you have a right to question if you are the one they want. Insert Grease joke here.

You don’t know their crew

If a person is into you then they will want you to meet and hang out with their friends and families. It’s okay if your significant other has the odd ladies/lads night out, that’ normal. But if they exclude you in things that you could easily be included with then there is probably a good reason for that.

You are not a team

Especially important if you live with your significant other. Does one of you pick up all the slack? If you are waiting on them hand and foot and they don’t even know what a dishcloth is, that is something that needs to be addressed.

They never talk about the future

If you have been talking about babies and marriage and they have been talking about partying with their mates you are probably in different places. Annoyingly people often stay together out of convenience, which is fine as long as both parties know what the score is. Tragically that is seldom the case and somebody inevitably gets hurt.

You don’t feel they are that into you

Honestly, this is a gimme. If you feel that they are not particularly engaged in the relationship then forget semantics. This is one instance where your instincts cannot be incorrect. At very least they care about you but they are not fulfilling your needs. This is a sure fire sign that it is time to get out of dodge (whatever that means!)

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