These Are The Best Teen Melodramas Ever

Teenagers and melodrama go together like fish and chips! So it is no surprise that through the years television producers have given us some fine teenage melodramas to enjoy. They are tacky, over the top and have turned our generation into a bunch of whiners that say “like” and “whatever” altogether too much but they are also captivating. Here are some of the best.

Pretty Little Liars

One of those melodramas where you have a bunch of 25-year-olds pretending to be teens. At no point do they pull it off, but it doesn’t really matter. This show has more twists and turns than a bowl of spaghetti and actually got to the point where it was hard to know what was going on.

One Tree Hill

You have love triangles, Basketball and medical conditions, what more do you need? Acting talent? Pfft, it’s overrated! Fans would debate wildly over whether Lucas should end up with Peyton or Brooke. I was always team Brooke.

The OC

From the catchy theme tune to the stunning soundtrack this show was at very least easy on your ears. It revolved around the Cohen family and Ryan, a misfit with a good heart that they take into their home. At times it seemed like the show existed just to put teens in bikinis on our screen, but I’m sure that’s what life is really like in Orange County.


ABC has a history of producing quirky teen shows. This one was highly amusing. Not quite as dramatic as some of the others on the list, although there was enough serious stuff going on to make it compelling. It focused on a frat and sorority and key members of both.

Dawson’s Creek

Am I the only one who thinks it should have been called Pacey’s Creek? Dawson is just whiny and neurotic, but Pacey stole the show. This is the show that brought Katie Holmes to our attention. Like so many other shows of its ilk, it relied on an uber-cool soundtrack.


Featuring the prestigious acting talent of Tom Hank’s son, Colin. This is the show that pretty much launched the career of Katherine Heigl – remember her? It had a paranormal twist as it featured a family of aliens who crashed in the town of Roswell. Don’t worry they looked human, although they did have magic powers. Spooky.

13 Reasons Why

This thought-provoking melodrama took Netflix by storm. Its quirky premise was that the show presented a series of flashbacks of the show’s main character, Hannah who had committed suicide. As the show unfolded we saw the reason for her decision. It covered issues like rape, drug use and abuse culture.


If over the top theatrics and musical theatre is your thing you will love Glee. It is almost a parody of high school life filled with stock characters, like the archetypal jock and the gay singer. However, there is some emotional depth and even if there wasn’t the covers of iconic pop songs is enough to carry this TV classic.

Make It Or Break It

Not the most famous show on the list but an underrated gem. It takes its cues from the likes of the Bring It On movies. Except it isn’t based around cheerleading but gymnastics. The characters are sassy and the adults play their roles too.

The Wonder Years

Arguably the show that started the trend. From the belting theme tune to the eternally cute Kevin Arnold. His pseudo-romance with Winnie warmed the cockles of our young hearts!

Vampire Diaries

I was team, Damon. The series based on the popular books focused on the supernatural but the youthful cast made it what it was.

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