What Are Smart Mirrors?



For most women, it’s common knowledge that makeup can look completely different in artificial lighting as oppose to natural sunlight, and can occasionally even leave you with makeup or skincare looking less than perfect as a whole, but what if there was a device that could mimic daylight at any time that could give the user the most ideal lighting, and that could even analyse your skin and tell you if all your expensive products are really worth their price tag? Well, it turns out that the device actually does exist. But what exactly are smart mirrors?

To the naked eye, smart mirrors typically just look like a traditional mirror. However, simply put a step in front of them and their technological capabilities soon come to life right before the user’s eyes. While some of the smart mirrors are simply designed to provide you with a huge range of light settings, so you can look flawless on the bus and under the harsh conditions of your office meeting rooms, others are designed to go a little deeper, so to speak, by scanning your skin for any potential issues, alerting you to said issues, and offering tips to remedy them and even providing the “perfect” light in any room to do your morning routine in.  It’s essentially features everyone at some point has thought to themselves about needing one way or another, and now these features are quickly becoming a common reality for many households around the world.

Of course, a few of the new smart mirrors are already available to buy at various stores online, as well as in-store worldwide but when you see a Smart Mirror in person for the first time, you’ll no doubt be amazed on the beautiful technology it is. While your average mirrors have been with us for almost 200 hundred years and has held itself as a luxury piece of decoration and a functional tool, now it has the potential to be so much more when you add an abundance of new hardware and technology in order to create one of the most beautiful products with high potential.

According to the company itself, its mirrors are already acting like an at-home dermatologist, analysing both skin and skincare routine for their users whenever necessary or wanted. The former can be done in a single photo. The results will give you a percentage and a rating ranging from “poor” to “excellent”, focusing on aspects like roughness, dark spots, red spots, fine lines, pores and more. Its features will also allow you to have the ability to also set and track specific skincare goals and input every product that you currently use to keep an eye on, whether it be your favourite skincare creams and serums which are benefitting your skin. The mirror can also give you personalised advice on everything from good and bad ingredients to the steps you should be incorporating into your everyday regime.

Another brand of smart mirror is also available – only these mirrors are designed to focus more on makeup, rather than skincare. The company’s lighting system replicates natural sunlight no matter where you are and magnifies skin so you can perfect the tricky stuff like eyebrows and eyeliner.

This particular mirror also comes with a free app which, when downloaded can capture any light setting that you want the mirror to simulate, from a super bright workplace to a dimly lit restaurant. Some of the other features of the most expensive mirror, which is currently set at over £300 also includes a flashing alarm system to let you know when you’re running late for any scheduled event.

According to experts, people today generally want to know all of the minutiae, from how many steps they take in a day to what’s going on when they sleep to the types of food they can tolerate to their genetic makeup, and so on. For this reason, the new “smart” mirrors will thrive in the hands of the younger generations and progress nicely as technology grows.


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