What To Do With The Kids This Easter – Because Drowning Is Illegal

It’s Good Friday tomorrow and if like me you are knee deep in children running amok during their school holidays you might want an idea or two for things you can do to keep the little blighters occupied. Here are a few suggestions to help save your sanity.

Easter Egg hunt

This is a classic and there is no reason why you have to wait until Easter Sunday. Good Friday is just as, umm…good! If you have a back garden this is ideal. Especially as we are set to have a sunny Easter this year. Just in case pop the eggs in the freezer for a few hours before hiding them so they don’t melt. Easter baskets can be purchased from Poundland for the princely sum of a pound. They are also good for cheap Easter eggs to hide for your hunt!

Easter Bonnets

Decorating an Easter Bonnet can be a fun family activity if you have younglings or something you can task them with if they are a bit older. Once again Poundland will come to your rescue with cheapie bonnets and swathes of craft supplies to help your burgeoning hatter develop their craft.

Making your own Easter eggs.

Let’s be totally honest here, when it comes to Easter eggs you don’t exactly get good value for money, do you? You compare the price per gram of eggs to a regular bar and you will see that you are getting proverbially shafted. Want to avoid this? Make your own! Egg moulds are cheap as chips on places like Amazon and eBay. And this way you don’t have to make do with the cheapie chocolate ones. You can splash out and make yummy Cadburys or Galaxy eggs.

Making Easter bunnies

You know how when you were kids you were allowed to take the cardboard tubes from the inside of toilet rolls into school to donate to their craft supplies. Well some government, educational bigwig decided that was unsanitary. If they thought those things had some nasty bacteria they should check out-out my PC keyboard! Anyway, those can be transformed into nifty little Easter bunnies with some crafty craftwork! And why not?

Making Easter nests

You don’t have to be Paul Hollywood to pull these off. Ingredients are pretty straight forward with mini eggs for the eggs. Chocolate to melt and cereal. Yes, you can use both rice crispies and cornflakes to make the nests. But if you don’t use shredded wheat it is considered an affront to the Easter bunny. Fact

Painting eggs

Who doesn’t love covering their dining table with swathes of newspaper preparing for the inevitable moment when the kids knock over the water pot? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about crushing real eggs as once again Poundland has you covered with polystyrene eggs. Those folk really think of everything!

Do an Easter walk

I know, but actually, we are set to have a mini heatwave. The perfect excuse to head to the park or for the coast. We only enjoy two days of sunshine in England every year, why not get your backside out and absorb some vitamin D?

Make Egg astronauts.

Get your craft supplies and challenge your kids to make a device that will protect eggs when you launch them out of a top floor window. It can be a bit messy, but eggs are biodegradable, right?

Go to church

Easter celebrations are very special and powerful and it helps you to get connected with what the celebration is all about. If you really can’t bear to put the kids through the church service you could just make them some hot cross buns I suppose, it’s pretty much the same thing after all!

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