The Miracle Drug For Targeted Fat Loss

We are now at the point of the year when all but the most ardent and committed to their New Year’s resolutions have already given up. By far the most used resolution is to lose weight. It is also coming up to the time of year where people are desperate to lose weight so they can look slim on the beach.

Trouble areas

Part of the problem is that when people lose weight often it doesn’t come from the area where they want it to disappear. Areas like the abdominal area and the “love handles” are often the last to see any movement of fat. Well as it turns out there is a good reason for that. The type of fat that is usually stored in this area.

Two types

There are two main varieties of fat stored in the body. There is white fat. This is slow to break down and then there is brown fat, which is common in babies and breaks down quickly and releases energy. Unfortunately, as an adult, you have way more of the white stuff than the brown.

What If I told you that there was a way to get rid of that?

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction but scientists have developed a product known as a microneedle patch. This patch is very clever it contains a series of tiny needles no thicker than the length of one of your hairs. Due to this, the patch is basically painless and that is just one of the advantages

Use of microneedles

It isn’t just weight loss where these patches will come in handy. They are being trialled to administer medication ordinarily injected. It’s hoped that because it is painless that if it is used to administer the flu jab that more people will use it. It is also hoped that it will be the future of treatment for diabetes sufferers. As it means they would no longer need to perform insulin injections

But how does it help fat

There is a version being trialled that contains drugs such as a Beta 3 agonist. This is used to help transform white fat into brown fats which would more readily be broken down by the body and used as an energy source. The unique method of applying the drug means that you could literally use the patches to target the fat where it is most visible.


Fad, fiction or factual

It would appear to be factual. The studies have been carried out on obese lab rats and have shown some really promising results. The before and after pictures look like something out of a tacky infomercial!

Unfortunately, as of right now, the miracle product has only been tested on mice. There are a few countries who are trying to push through to human trials. This is better in many ways than any other solution that has come before. Because it actually prompts the body to better metabolise. In the studies, the lab rats were treated with the drug and continued to lose weight despite not altering their diet. Remarkable stuff, right?

What if I can’t wait?

Well obviously there is Liposuction which gives pretty immediate results but the price for that can be quite hefty! Of course, nowadays we have cool sculpting. The procedure which freezes fat cells and helps the body break them down. This is available in plenty of clinics around the UK and US so may well be an affordable alternative and has the benefit of not requiring any surgery. In fact, most people go straight to work after their cool sculpting appointments.

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