The 24 Ways You Are most Likely To Die – Some Of These Will Shock You

Dying pretty much sucks. Want to know how you are going to snuff it? Well here are the most likely ways. Some of these may strike you as a bit surprising.

Fireworks Discharge (1-in-615,488)

So be careful on the 5th of November. It isn’t just parliament that should be aware. you could literally die.

Tsunami (1-in-500,000)

Okay, so it is fair to say that these don’t occur very often but when they do they take countless lives, hence their lofty position.

Asteroid Impact (1-in-500,000)

Bruce Willis probably won’t be able to save you from this one.

Dog Attack (1-in-147,717)

They may be our best friend, but they cause a lot more deaths than sharks and crocodiles. I think I’ll keep one of them as a pet instead.

Earthquake (1-in-131,890)

Once again these are relatively uncommon but when a big earthquake occurs they are catastrophic.

Snake, Bee, or other Venomous Bite or Sting (1-in-100,000)

And people mock me when I run away from wasps. They are more deadly than a Tsunami, so who is laughing now?

Lightning Strike (1-in-83,930)

If the old idiom is true you will only die from a lightning strike once! If you want to avoid being part of this statistic don’t take up golf or fishing for that matter. I know what you’re thinking, they are worth the risk.

Tornado (1-in-60,000)

The terrifying force of our weather is still a massive killer and if global warming continues this figure will only continue to grow.

Legal Execution (1-in-58,618)

Although a lot of countries have outlawed the death sentence there are still plenty that haven’t.

Flood (1-in30,000)

Flooding can be caused by many of the other weather-related disasters on this list so it is no surprise to see them rank so highly.

Air Travel Accident (1-in-20,000)

Do not read this article before going on your holiday abroad! I’d also give the first final destination movie a miss as well.

Drowning (1-in-8,942)

Once again you have to factor in that some of these deaths will be the same ones that are victims of Tsunamis and flooding.

Electrocution (1-in 5,000)

These deaths do include death by the electric chair! They also include lightning strikes, still a pretty scary way to go though.

Bicycle Accident (1-in-4,717)

Freddy mercury may have wanted us to ride our bicycles but we should be careful while doing so and for goodness sake wear a helmet.

Natural Forces (1-in-3,357)

Mother nature can be a devastating force when angered and think of all the ways she can get you, from earthquakes through to volcanoes. Nasty

Fire or Smoke (1-in-1,116)

I couldn’t think of a more horrific way to go. Interestingly you are more likely to die from the smoke than the fire though. That’s probably not very comforting.

Assault by Firearm (1-in-325)

Gun crime is relatively uncommon in Europe where firearms have been banned in most countries. But with more relaxed gun laws in the US and South America gun crime is rife.

Falling Down (1-in-246)

Yes, you read that correctly. Although this is mostly an issue with the older generation.

Intentional Self-Harm (1-in-121)

Unfortunately, suicide statistics are alarming. Please don’t take your own life. We think you are awesome.

Motor Vehicle Accident (1-in-100)

You are far more likely to die in a car then you are on a plane. It is pretty much one of the most dangerous things we choose to do.

Accidental Injury (1-in-36)

So many deaths can be avoided. (insert life insurance advert here)

Stroke (1-in-23)

Although the majority of Strokes are preventable the condition is absolutely deadly.

Cancer (1-in-7)

Although we have made great strides in our efforts to cure cancer it is still one of the most deadly diseases we have to contend with.

Heart Disease (1-in-5)

We need to take care of our hearts because if we don’t it’ll probably kill us.

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