Mobile Games That Are Perfect For A Flight

Mobile technology is such that games that would have been considered ground-breaking a couple of decades ago are standard on mobile devices. This means you can enjoy quality gaming while on the go. Where this comes a cropper is when you are flying! Aeroplane mode is essential for all mobile devices and it means no connection to the internet, rendering some of those games useless. Fortunately here is a list of amazing games that are plane-friendly!

Football Chairman

This game costs a couple of pounds but if you are a football fan is well worth the investments. The actual skill level involved in pretty minimal and you have to be pretty thick to not be successful, but the game is ridiculously addictive. Many a late night has been spent on this beast and it will easily destroy your flight!

Radiant defence

There are a lot of tower defence games out there but few of them are as sexy as Radiant defence. The neon graphics are simple yet stunning and the gameplay is frantic and offers multiple ways to be successful. It isn’t just one of the best tower defence games you can get for mobile, but one of the best games in general.

Infinity Blade

Admittedly this classic is a bit older but it still impresses with its 3D graphics. The game is pretty simplistic with its swipe-based commands but the gameplay is surprisingly addictive and the loot mechanics will have you coming back for more.

Game Dev Tycoon

This is a very similar game to Kairosoft’s brilliant Game Dev Tycoon. Only this version has swanky graphics and for some reason watching tiny little balls fizz to the top of the screen at increasing speeds is stupendously captivating. No, really!

Non-stop Knight

This simple idle game is cute and addictive. Your character runs through a dungeon slashing up mobs whether you control him or not. As you progress you upgrade your heroes gear and collect coins to upgrade said gear. There is a great respawn mechanic which gives this title almost infinite replayability.

WWE Immortals

This is a must for wrestling fans. Taking its cues from games like Mortal kombat but with a WWE flavour. The game does feature online elements which improve it somewhat but is most definitely good for killing 10 minutes while in the air.

Merge Dragons

This cutesie merge three game has surprising depth. There is a lot to do here and you will find it increasingly interesting as the puzzles grow more complex and require various new dynamics which are introduced as the game progresses.

Robot Unicorn Attack

This is one of those games that is so simple to play that you can’t help but become addicted. The graphics are endearing and the concept is cool.

A Dark Room

This game is a classic resource management game twinned with a choose your own adventure element and all in text-based form. It’s very simplistic but very addictive.

Device 6

This game is unlike any game you have seen. It is heavy on reading so if you are not a reader then you may be put off. It is highly stylised and will test your grey matter and detective skills in a really beautiful way. Definitely a thinking man’s game.


The award-winning strategy game translates perfectly on to mobile devices. It’s obviously far better on the larger screen of the tablet and comes with an attached fee to purchase but it is well worth paying that fee!

Superstar Band Manager

This freebie game is super addictive as you aim to take your rookie band and make them into pop sensations. There are additional ads but the game runs fine without them.

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