The Best Fizzy Pop Money Can Buy

It’s coming up to BBQ season – okay in the UK that season only lasts for about a week, but it’s imminent so we best get prepared. As well as charring meat, or yummy veggies if you are so inclined you need to make sure you have a healthy supply of fizzy pop. Here are some of the best money can buy.

Coca Cola

Classic coke, is there a finer delicacy? Some may argue that Pepsi is a superior product. Those people are wrong. Sure there are healthier versions of the drink but if you are going to indulge why not go for the “full fat” option? You are only live once, why not make it short?

Irn Bru

Although the brand name Irn Bru is delicious a lot of the bigger supermarkets do a non-branded version that is a pretty decent replica. The drink is famed for its sugary sweetness however the diet option here is well worth considering. If you are anything like me your issue with the less calorific versions of drinks is that the sweetener leaves a nasty aftertaste. That is not the case with the diet Irn Bru versions that I have tasted, and they are well worth a try.


Occasionally with fizzy pop, you can pick up decent non-branded alternatives. That is not the case with Lilt. Apologies to all the drinks with names like Caribbean Cool, or whatever, your beverages pale in comparison to this totally tropical taste. And Rio can do one too! Just kidding, Rio isn’t bad in a pinch.


When I was a kid I only got to drink this when I was ill. It is such a waste to save it for the bed-ridden. Lucozade Original in its bright orange bottle is a testimony to just how yummy sugar can be! It doesn’t have a flavour per se. but it is delicious and surprisingly refreshing. The “sport” drinks that they do are also fabulous, tasting like perfectly diluted Orange squash. Perfection.

Red Bull

Jame Oliver is already boycotting this article. Let’s not pretend that the taurine, caffeine and sugar filled beverage wasn’t a game changer when it was released. Since we have had a wealth of varied energy drinks, such as Monster energy and some of them are super-tasty, but Red Bull is the drink that started the craze.

Sprite Zero

Yes, finally a suggestion that isn’t full of sugar. Sprite zero is deliciously refreshing especially when it is being suffocated with Ice Cubes! And you can drink a lot of it without turning into a beached whale. Not there is anything wrong with being the size of a whale. Love yourself.

Peach Ice Tea

Okay, so you cannot claim that this is fizzy pop. I mean it isn’t fizzy for starters, however, it is one of the most refreshing beverages you can buy. Plus you look all cool and edgy drinking it. Go on, be a hipster, drink Ice Tea!

Cloudy lemonade

The budget option, pretty much every supermarket will do their own version of this and they are all super tasty. The sugar-free versions are hit or miss, but when they are a hit they are a thirst-quenching force to be reckoned with.


This delightful fruity treat is available as a cordial but you can also buy bottles of the fizzy stuff. If you are wondering if you can buy the cordial and add lemonade to effectively make a cheaper version of fizzy Vimto, you can. It’s good, but not AS good. Vimto’s cordial is the second most difficult drink to dilute (with Ribena being obviously the most difficult) The amount you need to get a good flavour seemingly differs with every serving!

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