5 Easy AirPods Hacks You Should Know ASAP!


1. Lost AirPods

If you’ve just misplaced your AirPods or lost a single AirPod, you can find them using the Find my iPhone app. If you’ve already enabled Find my iPhone for your iPhone (which you should), it’s automatically activated for the AirPods as well.

To find misplaced AirPods, open the Find my iPhone app and tap on the AirPods. You’ll see them located on the map. Next to the device, you’ll see one of three dots – Blue, Green or Grey. When locating the lost EarPods, the blue dot shows the device you’re using to look for the AirPods, the green dot means that your AirPods are online and the grey dot means that your AirPods are offline. Either out of battery, in their case or just out of range.

The best case scenario is if you see the green dot. Then you can tap on it and make the AirPods play a sound. Now you can just look for them in the area. Although, if you see the grey dot, not everything is lost. The app will still show you the last location that the AirPods were active.

2. Pair Them With Non-Apple Devices

AirPods were obviously only designed to work best with other Apple products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them with all of your non-Apple devices, as well.

According to LifeHacker, AirPods can also be used as Bluetooth headphones with other products too. The site recommends putting your AirPods in the charging case, opening the lid, holding down the flat button on the back of the case until the white light between the AirPods begins to flash (this means you’re in pairing mode), finding the AirPods in the Bluetooth menu of the device you want to pair them with. They’ll be connected, but just be aware that they may lose some functionality in regularly doing so.

3. Set Up Call Announcements

You can use your AirPods as a hands-free headset and answer calls by double-tapping one of the pods. The trouble is, you don’t know who’s calling unless you take out your phone – unless you set up call announcements.

To do so, go on your connected iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Phone > Announce Calls.
Choose “Headphones Only”. From there, whenever you get a call and you have your AirPods on, you’ll be told who’s calling you while it rings, as long as you have them in your address book, of course.

4. Pair AirPods With Your T.V

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Naturally, AirPods don’t automatically show up as AirPlay devices on Apple TV. You’ll have to pair them manually in order to take advantage of the feature. Go to Settings -> Remotes and Devices -> Bluetooth and hold the button on AirPods to start the pairing process.

Once the AirPods are connected, you can quickly switch to them as the output by pressing and holding the Play/Pause button to bring up the AirPlay screen.

5. Change The Way Your AirPods Fit

AirPods can sometimes be a hassle and don’t always fit every ear perfectly. Luckily for some, in a MacRumors forum, one user wrote about figuring out how to fix this fairly common mistake.

After trying covers, he realised that the AirPods needed a grip to secure them in place. He used Nex Care Absolute Waterproof Tape and a hole punch to hack his AirPods into fitting. He says to punch a few little dots of the tape with the hole punch, then place them on the AirPods where you want more grip. Hold them down for a minute so the adhesive warms. He used two dots on each AirPod for the perfect fit, but recommends experimenting with what works for you individually. Many AirPods fans have also created their own silicone attachments available on websites like eBay and Etsy to make it a little more easy for the average user.

Although, if changing the commands is something you’d rather do, you can customise what each pod does.

On your connected iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Look for your AirPods under “My Devices”, then tap the blue “i” icon next to it. In the section “Double-Tap On AirPod”, choose what you’d like each ear bud to do.


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