This Social Experiment On Tinder Shows Something Surprising About Women’s Sex Drive

Tinder is the darting site to go to for casual sex, right? I mean sure some people visit it looking for love but it’s also renowned as a hook-up site.

Well, a popular the YouTuber who runs the Whatever YouTube channel conducted a social experiment using Tinder. He patiently swiped away on his phone until he reached the magic milestone of getting 1000 matches and then sent them all the same simple question:

Hey, Do you want to have sex?

Bear in mind this guy also did a video where he asked 100 women randomly if they wanted sex (the results weren’t so great for that. He conducted the same experiment with an attractive woman asking guys and the responses were surprisingly reversed.) Some of the responses he received are genius, some of them are just flat out surreal.

Some of the best include:

Only if we tape it

And one girl who said nope and got a reply of “is it because I’m white” to which she replied “yeah, I’m into black guys sorry”

Straight off the bat, 65 people unmatched him and he was reported several times for his behaviour. What’s so wrong with that? Meh, people are fickle!

At the end out of 1000 matches and his forward question, he received 25 yes answers (that’s 2.5%, I’m a math nerd) 95 no answers and 69 (lol) random answers that were neither a yes or no. What this proves is that at least in theory if you have Tinder and match with, oh I dunno say 100 girls and just flat out ask them for sex. You’re probably gonna get lucky a couple of times.Of course, the key to that is matching in the first place. If you have a face like a dog’s dinner I’d try the whole conversation thing before going in for the kill.


It is not the first time that an experiment like this has taken place. In fact, one of the most infamous psychological studies of all time was along these lines. Back in the 70s a study was carried out where an attractive man and an attractive woman went around a uni campus asking people the simple question “would you go to bed with me?” back then the majority of men said yes and every single woman said no. Of course, researchers at the time took this to mean that the female sex drive is far lower than the Male, but is that the case?

What women want

I think that’s far too simplistic. It’s not necessarily that women have a lower sex drive just that they need some effort put in. I mean for heaven’s sake at least buy her a drink. I joke, but the majority of women aren’t going to just hop in the sack because you asked. That being said I think women’s attitude to sex has transformed in the last few decades. Or perhaps it hasn’t. Maybe it’s just the fact that women feel empowered to be open about their sexuality and their own needs and that can only be a good thing.

Is there a sex drive divide?

I don’t think so. I think that the social experiment just shows that women and men get their fuse lit in different ways. I’m going to hugely generalise here but if a guy sees a picture of a person they find attractive then they are usually “good to go” women tend to need a little more than that. There is a reason that porn aimed specifically at women exists. For women, it isn’t always a physical process. It can be far more cerebral. So rather than just asking if they want to have sex, maybe get them Interested first? Even if you are on Tinder!

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