Re-casting The DC Cinematic Universe

The DC universe may be doing okay when it comes to TV shows, but let’s be honest here when it comes to the movies, they are a bit of a mess. Aquaman was fairly well received, Wonder Woman was praised but its top two heroes Superman and Batman haven’t seen a decent movie in a long while. Suicide squad is rebooting after just one movie.

So here is the Versed recasting the key players in the DC universe.


Michael Fassbender – He has shown he has the gravitas to play major comic book characters. He is brilliantly stoic and is easy on the eye.


Zac Efron – The guy has that classic all American look. He may have to step away from the spray tan for a while, but he has the body for it and would make a great Clark Kent.


The Rock – recently a fan-made clip of the Rock playing king Tritan in a remake of the little mermaid appeared and he looked the part of underwater god. He has a similar look to Jason Momoa and would bring his unique comic timing to the role


Michael B Jordan – He might have to lose the facial hair! But he would be a great Cyborg. His performance in Creed showed he is good at playing roles with emotional depth.

The Flash

I would love to see Adam Brody step into this role. He has that geeky, nerdy quality that many associates with the Flash. I reckon it would be a masterstroke.

Green Arrow

Neil Patrick Harris – The TV arrow is very straight-laced. Oliver Queen is a wealthy guy. Neil Patrick Harris looks great in a suit and could bring a comic edge to the character. It would be interesting to see if he could play a straight role.


Mila Kunis – She may not be as busty as the original comic version, but come on guys this is the modern world, we can look beyond breast size now can’t we? I think she would thrive in a comic book movie and it would be good seeing her test her acting chops.

The Joker

Leonardo DiCaprio – He is no longer the pretty boy clinging on to a raft. You just have to watch him in roles like Wolf Of Wallstreet to see just how good an actor he is. It would be fascinating to see what he could do with the iconic Joker.


Robin Lord Taylor – It may be a cheat using somebody who has played the character but he hasn’t done it in a film. The only criticism of Taylor’s performance as Penguin is he isn’t fat! That seems like the strangest criticism you could level at an actor.

Lex Luthor

Jamie Dornan – No I am not joking. Lex is supposed to be a ruthless, serious businessman. Although it is fair to say Dornan is a bit wooden that might make him perfect for Lex and actually I just want to see him have to have his head shaved.

Harley Quinn

Amanda Seyfried – She undoubtedly has the look and often plays quirky characters. It would be great to see if she could look inside herself and tap into something darker to pull off this character. It is rumoured she was considered for the position in Suicide Squad.


Robert Sheehan – He proved in Umbrella Academy that he is made for hero-type roles but with his slight frame playing the Boy Wonder might be perfect for him.

The Riddler

David Tennant sign him up right now! Can you imagine him bringing the sort of zany energy that he brought to Doctor Who to The Riddler? His quirkiness is perfect for the role.

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