Check Out These Spooky Coincidences Linking Kennedy and Lincoln

Conspiracy theories are great. I mean some people take them too literally and are a bit paranoid, I get that. But for the average, semi-intelligent man and woman at home, they raise a smile and cause us to look at the bigger picture. Being forced to question the establishment is positive. But what happens when that questioning leads to a dark place?

What happens when you are presented with a set of coincidences so contrived that there must be a link? Today we examine the eerie similarities between the deaths of two of America’s most beloved presidents and whether they are valid.


The legend has it that Lincoln had a secretary called Kennedy and Kennedy had a secretary called Lincoln. While it is true that Kennedy had a secretary by the name of Evelyn Lincoln, Lincoln had two secretaries and neither were named Kennedy.

Location, location, location

It is claimed that Lincoln was shot in the Ford theatre while Kennedy was shot in a car made by the company Ford. This is true and to add to the strangeness the precise make of car that Kennedy was being transported in was a Ford Lincoln. Spooky!

100 years

The next link is the dates of birth of the killers it is rumoured that John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839 whereas Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939 which I guess would be a little odd if true, except that it isn’t. However, both assassins did rock the triple name thing and have 15 letters in their names.

Tragic families

One of the supposed links is that both presidents lost children while in the Whitehouse. This one is actually true. Lincoln Lost his son Willy to Typhoid in 1862. Jackie Kennedy gave birth to a premature child who died in 1962. As you can see, once again any rumours that there are a hundred years between the deaths of the two kids are a work of fiction.

Escape reversal

This is one of the more cool coincidences. It alleges that Booth escaped from a theatre and was caught in a warehouse and Oswald escaped from a warehouse and was found in a theatre. At least it would be cool if it weren’t a big fat lie. Although a Tobacco shed may look like a warehouse…Plus Oswald was caught in a movie theatre, pretty different from a regular theatre.

The Johnson factor

Both presidents were allegedly succeeded by southerners called Johnson. This is in fact true. But before you all start diving for your tin foil hats let’s consider for a second the fact that Johnson is a pretty common name, in fact, it is the third most common surname in the US! And as for them both being southerners, well there was a 50/50 chance of that. Perhaps slightly more intriguing was the fact that there were 100 years between the births of the two men.


Lincoln and Kennedy were elected into congress 100 years apart. Lincoln in 1846 and Kennedy in 1946. This is another true fact although there is an element of “so what” about this and many of the facts. Given that they lived almost a century apart from each other you are always going to find things in their lives that happened “exactly” one hundred years later. There is no significance about the 100-year mark aside from the fact it is a round number. One was also elected president in 1860 and the other 1960.

Other Coincidences

Both Lincoln and Kennedy have seven letters in their surname. I just got chills. They were both shot in the head. (Where else would an assassin aim?) on a Friday there is a one in seven chance of this – it’s not exactly mind-blowing! Make what you will of these, but for me, they are just coincidences although digging them up is fun it doesn’t suggest anything.

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