Here Are The Best Productivity Apps Of 2019


1. Zen Kit

If you are up to exploring multiple ways of organising your task boards, Zen Kit might be a tool for you. Apart from the card-based approach, it also offers Mind-Map, Spreadsheet, List, and Calendar views that can be switched easily.

All the basic features of a project management tool are also at hand: you can create items with due-dates, assign responsibility, tag tasks as favourites, make checklists, etc. However, Zen Kit doesn’t offer the milestone tracking, recurring option for tasks and has few native integrations.

2. Trello

Trello is a project management app that makes managing projects less stressful and more enjoyable. Trello is highly visual, which makes it very intuitive for its users.

What makes Trello so unique is its ability to allow users can break big projects down into smaller chunks by creating “cards” for every task. Cards can be arranged into different columns, which can represent different phases of a project. As tasks get completed, cards can easily be dragged from one column to the next. Here’s how this process might look in a real-life scenario:

To keep track of all the articles written and submitted by different writers, she creates a Trello board with four columns: “Blog Ideas”, “Writing”, “Editing”, and “Published”. As each blog idea is worked on, it makes its way from the “Blog Ideas” column, all the way to the “Published” column when the article has been finished and posted.

3. Ever Note

Basically, Evernote is a tool for writing your notes down. You collect them, organise and archive. If necessary, clip anything from the web. Attach pictures, video, audio and other files. Your account auto-syncs across your devices, so files are available from anywhere. Tags and search help to manage your notes, while you can share them via links with anyone.

Evernote is not necessarily used for business purposes. Many use it for storing personal moments. Students find it helpful when writing course papers.

4. Toggl

Toggl is the simple, intuitive time tracker app that you’ll actually use. It isn’t limited by device and works on your computer, tablet and phone, so no matter where or what you’re working on, your hours are being tracked. Oh, and you’ll never forget to turn this productivity app on because it sends you friendly reminders to do so.

When you’ve completed a task, take a look at the detailed report. Toggl crunches the numbers and shows you how your time was spent. You just have to analyse its findings and adjust the way you work in the future to be more productive.

If you’re a freelancer, a tool like this is mandatory. How else will you accurately bill clients? But even those who work a salaried position will find Toggl useful. After all, to become more productive, it helps to first know how you’re really spending your time.

5. HelloSign‍

Before electronic signature software, signing documents was a pain. First, you’d have to scan your specific contract into the computer and email it to your recipient. Once received, the signee would need to print the document out, sign it, scan it back into their computer, and email it back to you. That’s just too many steps!

HelloSign takes the hassle out of signing contracts by enabling you to sign them electronically. And don’t worry, every document signed through HelloSign is legally binding.

As an added bonus, your signed contracts are organised inside the secure HelloSign system, meaning you don’t need to waste time or space storing physical documents. Simply create the agreement, send it out for the necessary signatures, and file it away for future reference.

6. Zapier

Zapier allows its users to create integrations and automations between apps that normally wouldn’t communicate with each other. For example, a new email received in Gmail can be set to automatically save any attachments to a Dropbox folder and alert you via Slack.

The best part is, all these integrations and automations can be built with just a few clicks of your mouse; no coding required. Just select your business software of choice (this productivity app works with over 1,000 other tools, so your favourites are bound to be included) and start building customised workflows.


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