How To Win Your Ex Back

This article is for those of you who have been dumped. If you are the “dumper” rather than the “dumpee” there is a good chance you can probably just ask your ex back. This advice will not always work, but it is your best shot.

Getting dumped is the worst, isn’t it? Perhaps you are heartbroken and you never saw it coming. Maybe your ex was the love of your life, the one you are going to marry. Whatever the reason they left and now you are left trying to pick up the pieces.

Decision time

Before you even start down this road you have to ask yourself the question: Do I want them back? It may seem like a pretty obvious answer, but think about the relationship, did it make you happy? If the answer is no and you are just lonely then tough it out. If things were great then the first thing to do is take heed of the reasons they gave when they dumped you. You will probably need them down the line.

Do I stand a chance?

Yes, and here is why. You already made them fall for you once before why can’t you do it again? However, you have to go through some steps to get there first. You have the edge over most people because you know them better. You already know their favourite things, how to impress them. You just can’t use that information straight away.

The cool off period

This is vital. Over the next few weeks, you are going to miss your ex like crazy. This is a really vital time. Do not message them. I mean fair enough if they message asking you a question you can answer it, after all, there are sometimes arrangements that need to be made but do not under any circumstances initiate contact. If they message you fishing for a conversation with a “hey how are you?” do not bite.

Now obviously if they message you and it is something that you sort of need to reply to, this is okay. Be polite and friendly as well. Ultimately the goal here is to have them think of you as a class act. It’s better yet if you manage to avoid contact altogether. This will give the impression that you do not miss them. Ultimately being busy and having a full life is sexy. You want to do this for between a month and six weeks.

The rationale

You may think that time is the enemy here. It isn’t, time is your friend. After a relationship breaks apart the person who initiated the split expects some kind of fuss and drama. At first, they will feel liberated and free, but after a while, they will start to miss the company and the little things that you did for them.

Work on you

During this period you should work on becoming the best version of you. Get your diet in order. Join a gym perhaps. This is important as it will show your ex that you have changed. Sometimes at the end of no contact, you will have naturally moved on.

Signs it is working

The best sign is that you start to feel like a different person. It wasn’t working before so you need to present a different version of yourself. Another sign is that she is trying to contact you. It could be that she calls you up or she has started liking your posts on social media. If this starts happening before the end of “no contact” tough it out. They need more time to miss you. This is hard but essential. Once this is over you are ready for phase two which we will bring you shortly!

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