Let’s Celebrate Robin Williams By Looking At His Best Movies

Robin Williams was a much-beloved actor who starred in some of the best films in the past thirty years. He will be sadly missed. The actor/comedian seems to be more remembered for how he ended his life rather than his body of work. He has become a parable for why people need to talk more about their mental health.

While this is important let’s not let his death be the only thing we remember about Robin Williams. With that in mind here are some of the best movies he made.


Will Smith certainly has some big shoes to fill. I mean literally, have you seen the length of the slippers that the genie wore in the cartoon? Williams really made this role his own with his trademark impressions and boundless energy.


Peter Pan films are a dime a dozen. This one stood out from the crowd. Partially because it featured Peter as an adult but mostly due to the stellar performance from the effusive Williams. What was great about a lot of William’s work is that he was able to make kids movies that adults would happily watch and this is a prime example.

Good Will Hunting

Who would have thought that this was the brainchild of a young Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? Not only do the pair star in it but they also wrote it. Williams tugs at the heartstrings in this as he tries his best to reach out to the troubled Will (played by Damon).


It’s one of those kids films that you don’t want to put on if your kids scare easily. The special effects are great in this timeless masterpiece which was good enough to warrant its own cartoon and a modern reboot.

Mrs Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire makes a “yoyo, wicked cup of cocoa” apparently. This is another role that has become iconic. There are lots of films where guys dress up as women but never before (or since) has anyone done so in such a convincing manner. Okay, the costume helps, but it’s the accent and the way that William’s holds himself that sells the role.

Dead Poets Society

Once again Williams was able to change it up and show his versatility in this compelling drama. It seems that the teacher/mentor role was one that played to his natural strengths as in this classic he gave a convincing and enigmatic performance. If it weren’t for this movie literally nobody would know what an oxymoron is.

Good Morning Vietnam

If you didn’t read that in Robin’s unique “radio voice” then you haven’t seen the movie and that’s something you need to remedy. Williams once again proves his acting chops with this funny, yet hard-hitting drama about the Vietnam war. This was one of his earlier roles and helped prove he could make the jump from small to the big screen following Mork and Mindy.

One hour photo

This gave Williams a chance to really show his range as instead of his usual fun-loving characters he got to play a dark, threatening role. Seeing him as a bad guy was a culture shock, but unsurprisingly he shone in the role.


This gentle family comedy is carried by Robin Williams. The character is similar to his take on Peter Pan. He is a dad and an overworked businessman who really needs to relax and spend some quality time with his kids. Unfortunately, work gets in the way of their vacation and hilarity ensues.

Happy Feet

You may have even missed him in the classic animated movie. Perhaps you’re unsure as to who he is playing that’s because he takes on multiple roles performing as Ramón, Cletus, Lovelace, and the narrator! That’s talent!

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