These remakable Twin Stories Will Make You Believe In The Paranormal

We recently featured an article about twins who went into space. Twins are interesting, aren’t they? Not all of them are the creepy pair from The Shining! But there are some weird and occasionally creepy stories surrounding twins and their escapades. Let’s check some out.

Temporary madness

Let’s start at the deep end! Swedish twins, Ursula and Sabina took a holiday to Ireland. Nothing unusual there, just two sisters getting away from it all. Except while they were there they decided to run into oncoming cars on the Motorway. A bit mental, I’m sure you will agree. Sabina was released the next day only to murder a random man and leap off a bridge. Neither twin had any previous history of mental illness. It was all just…weird.

Separated at birth

There are always stories like this, this is one of the most famous. Identical twins Jim Springer and Jim Lewis were separated at birth, both were given the name Jim by their respective adoptive parents. The pair both became police officers and married twice, first to women named Linda and then to two women named Betty. They both named their sons James Allen and their dogs Toy. To add to the mystery they both loved the same beer, smoked the same cigarettes and drove the same car.

A fine choice for a groom

Twin Edith Casas decided she was going to marry Victor Cingolani and for some strange reason, her parents tried to block the ceremony. The reason? Well, he was in prison, still each to their own it’s her decision, right? Did I mention he was serving time for killing her twin sister? The parents tried to get the ceremony legally blocked on grounds of insanity, but failed. Victor is still serving time for his crime but is adamant he won’t kill this sister when gets out. So that’s reassuring for everyone involved.

The perfect crime

When a high-end jewellery store was robbed in Germany in 2009 police had two suspects. The problem was that they were twin brothers. Police knew that one of them had done it and they had the DNA evidence to prove it. There the only issue is they didn’t know which one. Identical twins have identical DNA so both Hassan and Abbas O walked away without being punished.


A 2003 television show set out to prove a psychic connection between twins using brothers Richard and Damien Powell. Damien was hooked up to a polygraph machine to measure his responses while his brother was kept in a separate room. During several moments they made Richard jump, first by dipping his bare feet in iced water. Then by showing him a snake at the exact moment, this happened the polygraph for Damien showed a notable response. As if he was sharing his brother’s emotion. Of course, this was TV so you can take it with a pinch of salt.

Keep it in the family

Here is a twist on the old “separated at birth” story. A set of non-identical twins were set to be married after meeting and having an undeniably strong connection. Of course, they discovered they were brother and sister and were understandably heartbroken. Oh, and they didn’t realise until after the wedding. Awkward. Puts that whole Luke and Leia thing into perspective, doesn’t it?

Brothers until the end

In Finland, a 72-year-old man was struck by a large truck and killed while out riding his bike. A couple of hours later the police were called to another accident where a 72-year-old man had been hit by a truck while cycling. The police thought a mistake had been made but it transpired that they were twin brothers and both suffered the same fate on the same day!

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