Have The European Chasers Bottled It This Season?

Liverpool and Manchester City have gone blow for blow in the Premier League this season. It would appear that the teams directly below them are showing less skill when it comes to holding their nerve.

The end of this season has been remarkable as despite the fact 4 teams were competing to try and make it into next year’s Champions League it seemed like nobody really wanted to achieve that. The teams placed between third and sixth in their last 4 games have two wins between them. What this means is that from a potential 48 points (assuming they had all won their last four fixtures) they have taken just 11 collaboratively. No wonder the front two have raced away.

The front two

What of the performances of the front two. Should we be comparing them to other teams? After all, they have been sensational. Liverpool have lost just a single game all season. Imagine a league so competitive where over the course of 38 games a single loss could cost you the title. So I think given the quality of the top two, both in terms of performances and actually the strength of their squads it is redundant to compare the four also-rans

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The chasing pack

Standing out from the chasing pack are Wolves who have had an impressive season, to say the least. They could find themselves finishing a mere six points behind sixth-placed Manchester United. And by comparison, their last four games has seen them pick up 13 points, more than the four teams above them combined. It isn’t just great form though, Wolves have proved a competitive team throughout the course of the season and have validated the funds that they have spent. If that doesn’t give an indication as to the level of the rest of the top six, then perhaps this will. The bottom four in the league have secured more points over the past four games than Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Manchester United.

Big flops

So with the fact that Wolves are breathing down the necks of the “big six” does that mean that we should be blasting their ineptitude? Does it prove that they are all “bottle jobs” well, while it is fair to say that, with the exception of possibly Spurs, that the teams in this zone are not reaching what their supporters might expect let’s add a bit of context.

Chelsea’s Season

With a final game remaining and having already qualified for the champion’s league Chelsea currently sit in third on 71 points. That is a whopping 23 points behind the leaders, Liverpool. However, this has been an extraordinary season. The Premier League was once won on just 75 points and if Chelsea win their final game they will only be a point off that mark. It’s fair to say they don’t deserve to win the league, but you could argue they don’t deserve the derision they have had this season either.

Spurs’ Season

When you consider that Spurs were once touted as potential title challengers their limp finish to the season has disappointed. Okay so they still have a chance in the champion’s league, but it is a slim one. Of course, they were hit by the loss of Harry Kane, but for all Spurs talent and their strong youth set-up the fact that they haven’t invested in players in two transfer windows highlights they need players.

Arsenal’s Season

Considering the run they had they will feel aggrieved not to have finished in the top 4 (as we suggested) and unless a miracle occurs Spurs will pip them to the post. Still could make the champion’s league if they win the UEFA cup, but that’s a mammoth task.

Manchester United’s Season

Despite the start that Solskjaer had his United side have looked bang average of late. The sheen has gone from his time now. It will be interesting to see how he fairs next season and if he is allowed cash to invest.

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