Want To Try A Superfood? The Versed Has Your Back

If you are the sort of person who takes an interest in things like intermittent fasting then you have probably have heard of superfoods.

What is a superfood?

It is not a sprig of broccoli that flies around stopping crime. That would be cool though. In fact, superfoods don’t really have a technical definition. In some ways, it is just a buzz term. However, the generally accepted definition of a superfood is a food that is nutrient rich and has decent benefits to your health. So if you pack loads of them into your diet you are going to do your body the world of good. Here is our list of Superfoods for you to try.


This appears on just about every bodies list of superfoods. Its calory content is negligible and yet in terms of health benefits, it is loaded with good stuff like Vitamins A, C and K and manganese which is good for your bones.


Yes, humble Turkey is a superfood. They are for life, not just for Christmas. The calorific content of this protein-rich food is lower than nearly every other meat. It is great in terms of saturated fat and if cooked well is delicious. Forget the doubters that call it dry. They just can’t cook it right!


This is not an excuse to go munching on marzipan! Although Almonds are well worthy of their place on this list. They are one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium which benefits bones and teeth. They are also high in vitamin E and protein. Unfortunately, they are quite calorific though, so go easy!

Sweet potatoes

Or Yams to our American cousins. A lot of people advocate replacing regular potatoes with their sweet cousins. They are roughly the same in terms of calories but their nutritional value is so much greater. In particular, they are loaded with Vitamin A which is vital for your immune system and your Eyesite. Guess it’s not just carrots that help there!


Although this yummy and versatile fruit has a lot of fat, it is the right kind of fat. The nutritional content of avocadoes are ridiculous and it is because of that they sit proudly on the list.


These are great for giving you the sweet fix you need when you are trying to shed a few pounds. Their natural sugars and low-calorie content make them a dieters dream. Plus they are loaded with anti-oxidants which are used by your body to kill free radicals (the cells that cause cancer).


Yes, it is basically algae and yes it appears in powder form. But if you can get over that for a second this food is one of the best on the planet. It is packed full of antioxidants and vitamin-rich too. It also contains more protein gram for gram than red meat! Ideal for popping in your juice drinks it is available at most health shops.


Not only does it look like miniature trees it is also really rather good for you. Just two florets count as one of your five a day. It contains tons of vitamins and a high concentration of folic acid which is great for your arteries.


No, I’m not talking about the large mocha that you order from Caffe Nero. Although as a side note they are delicious. Plain black coffee is actually great for you. It provides you with an energy boost and contains an appetite suppressant. Also black coffee has basically zero calories!


You can’t include coffee and not tea. Even though it is less a superfood and more a super drink! There are so many varieties of tea we can’t list them all. But depending on the ingredients various green and fruit teas can have amazing effects on your body.

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