8 Habits That You Don’t Realise Make You Seem Rude


1. Staring At People

Although looking someone in the eye while talking to him or her is considered good manners, staring at someone is not. When you catch your gaze fixed on a stranger or making someone uncomfortable by staring, make a concerted effort to blink and look away.

If the person catches you staring, offer a friendly smile before turning your attention elsewhere.

2. Body Language

Your body language can give off some unfriendly vibes as well. “Not smiling, crossing your arms, looking around when someone is talking, looking at a watch or (even worse) a mobile phone. According to professionals, in order to seem kinder, look up and keep your arms at your sides. This open body language can make all the difference in the world.

3. Not Having Good Personal Hygiene

Most personal hygiene needs to be conducted in private. If you need to brush your hair, never do it at the table. Get up and find a restroom.

If you are consistently doing gross things, stop. No one wants to be around someone who constantly spits, picks his nose, or scratches private areas.

4. Being Too Out Spoken

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have no speech filters, and they say the most inappropriate things? If you suspect you are one of them, stop and think before you open your mouth, even if someone is wearing shoes that clash with her dress or doing something you might not be in favour of.

You don’t want to embarrass yourself or anyone else by constantly making rude comments.

5. Being Late Regularly

Being punctual 100 percent of the time is completely impossible. Things happen, and that’s OK. But showing up late on the regular really can start to turn people off. “It says, ‘My time is more important than yours,'” or at least, according to professionals.

Even if that’s not what’s going through your head, it’s easy to see why your lateness could be perceived as awfully self-centred.

6. Constantly Assuming The Worst

If you’ve had a slue of bad bosses, or one horrible ex after the next, then it makes sense why your opinion of mankind may be tainted. But that still doesn’t mean you should assume the worst of everyone.

Constantly assuming the worst can have a negative impact on how you express yourself to people, your body language and the mood those around you are in.

7. Not Making Eye Contact

There are a million reasons why you might be bad at making eye contact. Maybe you feel nervous, or shy, or you forget (because you’re feeling nervous and shy). Whatever the reason, do know bad eye contact can make you come off as mean.

According to professionals, doing so can make people misinterpret this as you being snobby and disinterested in getting to know them better.

8. Nodding In Agreement Even When You Can’t Hear Someone

We’ve all done this in loud bars, or when chatting over crowds at networking events. But nothing good ever comes from pretending to hear what someone said.

According to professionals, “In this effort to be polite, we are actually distancing people from us” and that “When you ask questions to clarify what someone has said, it further showcases your interest in the conversation and that you actually care about strengthening that relationship, be it a work colleague or a new friend at the bar.”

So basically, asking someone to repeat themselves, while embarrassing, could actually be more polite than pretending to know exactly what was said and just going along with the conversation.

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