Why Do People Get So Irate At Show Endings

Most of you will have seen that recently the wildly popular Game of Thrones came to its conclusion. Everybody and their dog had an opinion on the ending and whether it drew to a satisfactory conclusion. It’s fair to say that most people were under the impression that it was a disappointment. Is there a reason for this? Let’s examine.

Do show endings always suck?

Absolutely not. If done correctly the final episode, and in fact, the final season of a TV show can bring it to a place where the viewers feel contented. As you will see there are a lot of TV shows that have done a fine job of leaving their audience satisfied. Of course, this is a generalisation. Tastes vary and show producers will never be able to please everyone. However, with that being said, there does seem to be plenty of TV show endings that have left the viewership irked.

Show endings examples

We are going to take a few popular TV shows to examine their endings and how people felt about them. These are all shows that received positive praise over the course of their duration so it seems a good sample to work with.

How I Met Your Mother

This wildly popular Sitcom was hilarious throughout its run and, in the way all good sitcoms do, walked the line between sentiment and humour. The loveable Ted Mosby finally revealed how he met his kid’s mother in the 8th series. The series finale was not well received. The perception was that she was introduced too late in the show and the end felt rushed.


House was another show with a massive fan base. Unlike most medical shows it focused primarily on its eponymous star and his small team as the tried to solve unusual medical cases. House battled against his addictions and struggled to deal with the pain from his bad leg. Hugh Laurie received a wealth of plaudits for his performances as Greg House. The show’s finale received mixed reviews. Some praised it saying it was a great way to end the show.  While others felt it was too middle of the road.

Breaking Bad

This was one of the most popular TV shows of all time. The cult classic detailed the life of Walter White as he transformed from mild-mannered chemistry teacher into a violent and cunning drug lord capable of murder. The shows intense focus on its main characters made their journey compelling. The series finale hit the right chord and generally was praised for how it ended the show. Most of the loose ends were tied up and it felt like a fine way to say goodbye.

So why the hate?

In the modern world, we have access to this little thing called social media. In the past when a TV show finished you might have a chat with a friend who was watching the same show down the pub but largely the only opinion you would see on any TV show would be your own.

These days when a show gains in popularity you can see how popular it is. You will see opinions from far and wide whether you were discussing the show or not and it is for this reason that we see the level of criticism we do for the final episodes of shows.

Game of Thrones is a classic example of this. There are a lot of people that watch the show. It is massively popular (check out the reason for that here.) There will be a lot of people that saw the last ever episode and enjoyed it but don’t feel the need to comment. Like with just about anything in life people are more likely to be vocal if they don’t like something. So just because of the perceived negative feelings towards the end of the show (and indeed any show), it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. Some are, some aren’t – form your own opinion!

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