Ingredients To Make A Super Salad

The general consensus among human beings is that salad is rubbish. The consensus among rabbits is very different, of course. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In the immortal words of Jamie Oliver, you can “pimp your salad”. So what items can you add to that Iceberg lettuce and that chopped cucumber to sex it up?


Fresh or pickled works wonderfully. Beets have such a unique texture and bring vibrant colour to the party. Pickled will add that lovely sharp vinegar hit to your salad.

Toasted Pine Nuts

Making a salad really come to life is often about providing different flavours and textures. Toasted pine nuts go a step further by adding a different temperature too. Of course, there are plenty of other toasted seeds you can add to the mix, sunflower and sesame both work great, but pine nuts are one of the best.

Feta cheese

Of course, cheese makes anything better. And if you are making an old fashioned ploughman’s you will probably plump for cheddar. But Feta or any generic Greek-style cheese, crumbled into your salad works beautifully. (and is a wee bit healthier)


The health-conscious among you can use wholemeal pasta. This transforms your salad into a pasta salad and that’s just an upgrade if I’m perfectly honest!

pomegranate seeds

Yes, they are considered a fruit. And they are sort of sweet, sort of tangy too, but I promise, trust me on this one they will elevate your salad to the next level. Every mouthful of crunchy goodness will set your taste buds alight.


This is the cheese of gods. Grilled Halloumi or fried halloumi. It doesn’t really matter it is just a tasty treat. It’s pretty calorific but if you a vegetarian this is probably one of your go-to foods.


Don’t throw it in raw. Asparagus is at its beautiful best when it has been fried in a smidge of olive oil with decent quality salt and pepper. Cook until it’s just started to lose its firmness.


What an exciting way to whip some bonus protein into your diet. Prawns are awesome and delicious. If you are just bunging them in a salad you don’t have to splash out and can get the cheap small ones.


It’s amazing how tiny bits of fried bread can have such a cool impact on your salad. But they really do. There’s a reason they disappear so quickly at your local Harvester. They make salads better.


Not only does pineapple definitely belong on pizza it definitely belongs in a salad too. If the idea of fruit in your salad freaks you out you need to grow up!


You don’t have to get mega spicy chillies but a bit of heat can elevate any dish. It is a well-known fact that spicy food makes you feel more full as well so will help with weight loss.

Pork Crackling

Little bits of puffy pork crackling doesn’t exactly make the salad healthier but they do make it yummier and that’s what’s really important. Warning this is not a vegan-friendly ingredient.


Like with pasta this helps make the salad a complete meal. You can also use potato chunks if you so desire.

Cumin Seeds

These have such a wonderful flavour and give the salad a bit more of an exotic feel.


I know blasphemy. But I am not the first to add an apple to a salad. In fact, if you make a Waldorf salad apple is a key ingredient.


Not only are they the best nut (sorry pistachios but it’s a runner up award for you) they are also amazing in any kind of salad, especially one with an Asian slant.

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