Thinking Of Learning To Drive? Read This First

Learning to drive isn’t easy if it were everybody would be doing it. Yes, I know most people are in fact doing it! So how do you go about joining the driving revolution? Well, it’s actually far easier then you might think. Especially when you have our handy guide to help you.

Securing your provisional driving license

This is your first step. In the UK you will not legally be allowed to drive, even with an instructor, unless you have a provisional license. These are green in colour and are issued by the DVLA. They are a photographic ID and they do require you to provide proof of your identity. These are not cheap, unfortunately, but get used to that, nothing about driving is cheap! Your initial cost for a provisional license is £75 at the time of writing.

Putting out feelers before you drive

I am thirty-seven years old and am still learning to drive. Due to a list of circumstances that I won’t burden you with I have had several driving instructors and believe me when I say this, never make decision-based on price! It is going to be expensive but here is the thing with driving instructors, You often get what you pay for. There is a massive draw towards driving schools who may offer lessons far cheaper than you might get off an independent instructor. This may be a false economy. It’s better to do 20 lessons at £25 an hour then to do 30 lessons at £20 an hour.

We recommend using your Facebook page and possibly the local Facebook marketplace to ask for recommendations for instructors. If you find the same names coming up over and over again then they may well be worth contacting.

The first time you drive

Once you have found a driving instructor you feel may be a good fit you will book an initial lesson. For this first session, they will need to see your provisional license. Make sure you have it with you along with your payment for the lesson. Obviously, make sure you don’t drink any alcohol beforehand. That goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Don’t be nervous! It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are with an experienced instructor they will have seen it all. It may be that you are a natural and already have an inkling as to what to do. It may be that on your first lesson all you do is inch a few hundred metres down the road. Do not panic!

Talk about the cash

You should have already discussed the rates for lessons. These tend to vary but these days it isn’t uncommon to pay up to £30 per lesson. After having your first session you should inquire as to how many lessons your instructor thinks it will take to get you to test standard. They won’t be able to offer guarantees but this will give you an idea of how much money you need and how much time it will take. A naturally gifted student may be able to make do with around 25 lessons, some people require up to 50.

Do your theory test ASAP

You will need this before you do your practical test. It currently costs £23. There are apps you can download for free which will help you pass this and practice tests you can do online.

Rope in a friend to help you drive

If you have a friend that drives get some L-plates and ask them to take you out driving with them. They will probably have to add you to their insurance but this is a great way to gain extra driving practice and will probably mean you need fewer lessons in the long run.

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