How To Get To a Third Date Without Looking Like A Nutcase

Dating can be fun and we have run several articles detailing how to make a date fun. But as I’m sure you are all aware there are certain rules. If you want to snag the guy/girl of your dreams and not send them running for the hills here are some recommendations for you. After all, you don’t want to come across crazy, right?

Don’t ask them for a second date midway through the first

Be patient. In this day and age, we seem to be all about instant gratification. It might be that you are having the single best date of your life, but have some chill. You may have seen enough to know you want a second date but it doesn’t mean that they have, and they might be skittish. Even if you like them play it a little cool.


Don’t tag them on Facebook until things are more serious

Nothing says stalker quite like tagging them or checking in with them when you have only just met. Perhaps they have a controlling ex. Maybe they don’t want people on their social media to know they are dating yet. Leave doing things like this until you start to meet their friends and family.

If you are friends on Snapchat don’t see where they are!

Do I even have to explain how crazy this is? You don’t need to know where they are! I mean seriously if Ted Bundy was around today you know he would be all over the Snapchat tracking feature. Don’t be that guy. Sure they made movies about him, but he was somewhat evil.

If you go out for a meal don’t order the mixed grill with 14 sides

Limit it to twelve! Seriously though, you get the picture right? You may have a crazy big appetite but you don’t want to look like a human dustbin. By all means, eat a good meal. That’s not the point but don’t make yourself uncomfortably stuffed. Oh and here’s a pro tip. Avoid anything with Tuna. The smell lingers and it is really unpleasant if you’re going for a kiss.

Don’t order two lettuce leaves and a side of water either

You don’t want to look completely vain. You are not going to impress anyone by starving yourself. Going out and eating is supposed to be fun. Even if you are following the fat fighters program, a single cheat night isn’t going to kill you and if you are really worried just go for a jog the day after.

Assume you are going to pay for the date regardless of gender

It’s not like the good old days when the man picked up the tab. Even if you’re a woman you might assume you are going to pay for your own half, but why not assert your equality by offering to pay for them too. If they accept then slowly judge and never call them again! Tight-fisted so-and-so.

Be punctual

Being late is a big turn off. Always try and aim to be there 15 minutes early. That way if you are running late you will probably only be five minutes early and fifteen minutes isn’t too long to wait. Hopefully, they will be punctual too.

Don’t start making plans before you are officially an item

Don’t invite them to your sister’s wedding on your second date and don’t ask them to Aruba on your first. You may consider them marriage material but under no circumstances let them know that. What are you crazy?

Don’t upload selfies on your first date

For pretty much the same reason as you don’t tag them. Everyone likes taking selfies with the girl/guy they are crushing on but be patient you have all that to look forward to.

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