Super Noodles Vs. Pot Noodles The Great Debate

Some debates are timeless. For instance who is the better team Liverpool or Man Utd? Dark or milk chocolate? Star Wars or Star Trek? I kid that’s not even a contest! Perhaps the biggest of these debates, the one that has kept scholars and critics awake at night is which is better Pot Noodles or Super Noodles. Let’s examine the evidence.


Let’s not even try and pretend that the packaging for Pot Noodles isn’t cool and it has evolved over the years to be even cooler. I don’t know if the current design is to optimise the temperature distribution or if some big wig at Unilever just likes cool packaging.
The packaging for Super Noodles isn’t as exciting but it is practical. You can stack them high and pack them in, perfect for the lack of space in your student accommodation. Because surely adults don’t eat them.

Winner: Pot Noodles

Portion size

A pot noodle is a filling snack there is no doubt about that. Super noodles feel a little less stodgy and are usually used to accompany a meal. In terms of the actual amount you get, they are very similar: the weight of your average pot noodle is about 265g whereas Super Noodles have the slight edge at 300g.

Winner: Super noodles


There is no doubt that a Pot Noodle is a meal in a pot. It’s not necessarily a good meal in a pot, but that’s beside the point. As mentioned above you are more likely to use Super Noodles with something else to give hunger the kick up the backside it needs.

Winner: Pot Noodle


Let’s be perfectly honest here you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to prepare either of these. It’s mostly about opening sachets and pouring hot water. The Pot Noodles trademark packaging means that it is slightly easier to prepare. And Super Noodles do taste far better when they are prepared on the hob which is mildly more faff than a Pot Noodle. Plus there is the fact that you don’t have any dishes to do with a Pot Noodle.

Winner: Pot Noodle


Each of them has a handful of staple flavours that you find in the shops all the time and each product is constantly releasing new and exciting flavours. Sometimes these are limited edition and sometimes they stay around. For this reason, there is very little between them.

Winner: draw


Again this is a very close call. For the record, if you are British you know that both of them make a banging sarnie. The very nature of a Pot Noodle means they tend to be quite sloppy which means they are best contained in their pot. For that reason, Super Noodles get the nod here.

Winner: Super Noodles


I am trying to be objective here because I think Pot Noodles are trash and I live off Super Noodles (no, I am not a student) However, I felt I may alone in this summation so after a highly scientific poll six people decided…

Winner: Super Noodles


The cost was based on a price comparison on the ASDA website – purely because that is where I do my “big shop”. In said comparison, a Pot Noodle costs one of your English pounds, whereas the humble Super Noodle is half the price at fifty pence. Meaning not only do you get more noodle in a package you also get double for your money

Winner: Super Noodles


It is a close run contest but the winner is Super Noodles. It seemed to win in all the departments that were the most important. However I have no doubt you are all going to still buy both of them, but at least the debate has been settled once and for all.

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