Endgame – Is It Any Cop?

You may have not seen it yet, but enough time has passed that we are allowed to talk about Avengers: endgame now, right? What do you mean no? Okay. Well, I will try and keep this as spoiler free as possible then, but no promises.

Contest for endgame

Endgame is the movie that brings the current Avengers Storyline to its climax. It is the culmination of three phases of Marvel movies and in many ways completes a masterstroke in storytelling as Marvel has been able to introduce and endear to us their set of superheroes.

The films connect fantastically and tie in with each other. Each film seemingly containing more Easter eggs than the last. This has been the calling card of Marvel and while we know there will be more Marvel movies the question remains is this a fitting end to the current generation?

End game plot

Light spoilers here. At the end of the previous Avengers movie, the majority of the heroes were blinking out of existence. The movie begins with the remaining heroes trying to undo this. They come up with a plan that could bring back their loved ones and go to work. This means their splitting into groups in order to try and meet their aims.

Of course, these side missions don’t go smoothly and as the movie culminates there is a huge war between a vast collection of Marvel heroes and Thanos and his huge army. It is a glorious battle and ranks up there among some of the best battle scenes of all times


It seems redundant to talk about the characters in Marvel movies these days, they are all so well known. I won’t tell you who appears as it may offer potential spoilers but I will say that the characters get appropriate screen time although there were a few that I would have liked to have seen a little more of, however that probably wouldn’t have been possible given the plot of the movie.

Tone and pace

As you might expect given that we left off with a good deal of characters being wiped from existence the tone is quite sombre, at least for the first half of the movie. You could argue that this effects the pace of the movie but there are so many characters that we have grown to love on screen and the underlying humour and rapport between these guys is still evident and this carries these early scenes.

As the missions start to unfold the excitement picks up as exposition gives way to action. This may be a long movie but once it really gets into it the time will fly by.

Fitting end

Does it tick the box of being a fitting end to the series? I would say it really does. It pays lip service to a lot of fans by giving them payoffs for literally years of investment. Endgame does a good job of ending story arcs that needed to be ended. It will be interesting to see how they move forward knowing that certain stars have used their contracts and will probably cease to star in Marvel movies.

To be fair Superhero movies have always just recast iconic roles such as Batman and Spiderman. There are however certain roles within Marvel who we have only seen played by one person. Take Wolverine for instance, because he has always been portrayed by Hugh Jackman. It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing that role. There are several characters facing that issue as Marvel moves forward and it will be interesting to see how they deal with that. Irrespective of that issue it is fair to say that they hit the ball out of the park with this finale. So don’t believe that haters. If you are yet to see it, check it out.

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