These Are The Best Snacks To Chow Down On

There are plenty of us in the UK that stayed up late to watch the final episode of Game of Thrones. We also had the FA Cup final this past weekend. You may think these things are entirely unconnected but that is not the case. They both require one thing…snacks. With a plethora of big events on the horizon here are the snacks you need for late night events.

Chips and dip

I’m talking about tortilla chips. I don’t want to confuse our British readers. Garlic dips are yummy snacks too but they do make you a tad thirsty. (read on, you’ll need drinks too) you can choose hummus as a dip if you are health conscious and it’s vegan-friendly but we all know the king of dips is the humble Salsa.

Energy drinks

If you live in the UK and are watching a live US Sport, perhaps the super bowl then you are going to need something to help you last the distance. Coffee is good, Coca Cola is always a winner but energy drinks will give you the quick hit you need when your eyelids are getting heavy. If you live in the UK check out your local Carters for cans as cheap as 30p.


Drinking games make everything just a bit more fun. Apart from driving. Don’t drink and drive. But honestly what fun is it watching the game without a few cervezas? Drink in moderation though it can make you sleepy and you don’t want to miss the action!


This is one of the ultimate sharing foods. The great thing about pizza is that you can order in, leave the box on the table and dig in as and when you please. However, if you are short on cash frozen pizzas are damn cheap and take next to no effort. They are also delicious cold which is an added bonus.

Chicken wings

Ribs work too. Again you can order these in or just buy a big bag from your local store. Again they are simple to cook. Just bung them in the oven and give them the odd shake. You can buy pre-flavoured wings or get plain ones and coat them in your own sauce. They will probably go nicely with that dip you brought as well.

Jelly sweets

In the UK bags of Haribo are a staple requirement for any kind of get together. Jelly sweets are just fun and tasty snacks and easy to share. Okay, we are totally ignoring the lack of nutritional value, but this is a list with beer and pizza on it. If you want a salad this is not the list for you.

Fizzy pop

As I said previously you do not want to end up getting too tiddly and missing the event. So while a few beers are good you may need refreshment and what better refreshment than a nice glass of fizz? You don’t have to pay the earth for this. We have a guide to the best fizzy pop right here.


A slab is the cheapest option but not your only option. Most chocolate companies do little sharing bags with mini chunks of their chocolate and these are perfect for sharing with your mates as you settle down to watch the Eurovision song contest. I meant boxing…honest.

Rocky Road

This may not be super familiar with you if you are based in the UK but it is wildly popular in the US. The delightful treat is like rice crispy cakes taken to the next level including raisins and marshmallows. It’s yum but don’t take our word for it.


These can be quite good for you. There are all sorts of varieties but personally, I’d recommend the coated nuts you can get. These are crispy and delicious.

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