Reasons The Beach Is Brilliant

Here in the UK, we are blessed with being an Island nation. The upside of this is you’re never really more than a short drive from a beach. Why is this great? Because the beach is awesome, here’s why…

Beach walks are a great date

If you want extra time on a date with the girl you are crushing on go for a beach stroll. If you are particularly creative a late night, candlelit beach picnic is one of the most romantic things you can do and doesn’t cost too much money either. You can also do that notorious beach activity after which a cocktail is named.

Dog Walks

Just a quick warning, not all beaches like it when you take your dog on them. But if the beach you’re heading to allows dogs your little pooch will love it. Watch them gad about gleefully with the sand between their toes. Then curse as they jump in the water because you have to transport a wet dog home. A small price to pay.


This isn’t the case at all the beaches. Some are filled with pebbles, don’t fret these beaches are great for stone skimming. If you are fortunate to get a sandy beach then no doubt you will be able to pick up a bucket and spade from a grockle shop. Don’t forget to pat the top three times before you remove it. It’s a tradition.

Free day out

Okay, the local toilets will probably charge you 20p if you want to take a dump. But as of now, nobody charges you for hanging out on the beach. That makes it a great place to take the kiddies so they can blow off some steam.

Free swimming

The local swimming baths can be quite pricey these days. Especially if you have a big family. If they are popular they can be quite crowded too. The sea is an immense body of water. Plenty of room for everyone. Just be careful if you’re not a strong swimmer and keep an eye on the kiddies.

Beach sports

Yes, there are some sports that lend themselves to the beach. Of course, you can take a football and embrace your inner Brazilian. However, there are some games designed especially for the sand. Volleyball for instance. Then there is the kind of things that cool people do like Kite Surfing and, well regular surfing.

Exotic BBQ’s

The British love a barbie. We don’t all have gardens though. The beach adds an extra dimension to the British institution. It gives us the feeling of being on a remote dessert Island. Only it has the added bonus of irritating other people on the beach who won’t complain, firstly because they wish they had thought of the idea and secondly because they are frigging British.

Rock Pools

Some beaches build these in. On others, you just have to find natural rock pools. Either way, they can be teeming with local wildlife. For aquarium hobbyists, there are several species that can be kept in a tropical marine set up. The Blenny is used to the Mediterranean waters and will sit proudly with your clownfish and tangs.

Flying Kites

If you really want to you can sing the tunes from Mary Poppins while you do this. You don’t have to go to the beach to fly a kite but it is a great place to do it.

Re-enacting the running scene from Rocky 3

You know the one with Apollo Creed and Rocky frolicking in their crop tops. Crop tops for men need to be a thing again. So, unless you are like Anakin and don’t like sand because “it’s coarse and it gets everywhere” why not take a moment to appreciate how amazing our beautiful coast is.

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