How To Make Star Wars: Rise Of The Skywalker Not Suck

Star Wars fans are a demanding bunch. In general, they lambasted the prequels having waited more than two decades to see a new movie. In their defence, it did have Jar Jar Binks in it. The Caribbean sounding alien aside, there were some redeeming features in the prequels.

The star wars sequels

Fast forward a little and Disney purchased the rights to the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas, giving the company both the Star Wars and Marvel franchises. Fans of the sci-fi franchise were hopeful that Disney would elevate the new Star Wars movies to the quality they had achieved with Marvel.

Following the brilliant “Force Awakens” and The very different spin-off movie “Rogue One” which was also very well received fans felt the Franchise was in good hands. So then they released “The last Jedi” expectations were tremendous. For a lot of people, it failed to live up to expectations. I could talk for hours about what went wrong with the second sequel but instead, I want to focus on how they can make sure the third instalment restores our faith in the force.

Star Wars doesn’t need politics

Rogue one managed to make subtle commentaries on modern issues such as terrorists and rebels. This did not detract from the film and actually added extra depth. However, in the prequels, the films were mired in their story which focused far too much on the political situation in the galaxy and not enough on the action.

Actually subvert

There have been so many people point out that the first two sequels have been remarkably similar to the initial two movies. It would be fantastic if the third movie had a more original story. We don’t want a fourth Death Star. Nor do we want a rip off of the Ewoks. We want a brand new story to round off the Skywalker saga.

Questions answered

The second movie didn’t answer any questions. Why is Rey so strong with the force? Who the hell are her parents and why did they leave? Why did Finn turn away from the first order? And now the trailer has come out for the third movie we also have the question of how the emperor survived.

We stick together

One of the things that was a little jarring about the second movie was the fact that the sequels main heroes; Finn, Rey and Poe were all separated for the majority of the movie. Finn was off to the Casino planet, Poe was aboard the rebel fleet, and Rey was with Luke at the Jedi temple. In the third one, we need to see the heroes altogether.

Actual Star Wars

Neither of the sequels has had much warfare going on. Rogue One showed us how good Star Wars can be when it’s made into a war film. Let’s see a full-blown battle between the alliance and the first order. If Endgame showed us anything it’s how a large scale battle should be done.

An old friend

The return of Benicio Del Toro. His character was fantastic and one of the highlights of Episode 8. I don’t know if he has been confirmed for episode 9 but my fingers are crossed.


One thing that the second sequel did do is create moral ambiguity. Pointing out that the rebel alliance is just as big a part of the “war machine” as the first order. It would be great if the third film explored that further. In the second film, kylo Ren suggests something different. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he was proved right? If it transpires there are no heroes. I guess you could liken it to Syria where the rebels became so entwined with terrorist cells that they became synonymous.

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