Survival Tips Could Save Your Life, These Could Kill You

Survival is no easy game. There are certain techniques that have been used throughout the ages. However, there are some very definite red herrings too. Fortunately, we are here to dispel some of the myths.

Playing dead will stop a bear from killing you

Believe it or not, your survival strategy needs to be way more clued up than that. If you see a bear in the woods the best thing you can do is quietly back away. If there is one by your campsite you should try and scare it off by being large and loud.

However, in the case of an attack, there are a few strategies you can employ. Brown and Grizzly bears will normally only attack to defend their cubs. They will normally make a lot of noise and pretend to charge you. You should back away slowly which will hopefully let the bear know you aren’t a threat. If it makes contact in this scenario, this is where you play dead. Lie on your stomach with your hands covering your neck.

However if the attack doesn’t have any warning, or if the bear has appeared to be stalking you, this is probably because the bear sees you as lunch. You need to fight tooth and nail. Unfortunately, though bears are tough so they are probably gonna kill you. Sorry.

If you are lost, the key to survival is to find a food source

Although it’s obviously good to eat you can live up to six weeks without food! Although that figure depends on your health and other factors. Water and shelter should be your first priorities for survival.

If you cut open a cactus you can drink the water and live.

Sure there is a kind of cactus that this is true of, but do you know which one? Chances are if you try this technique you will make yourself vomit and lose even more fluid. I believe there is a strategy for collecting water in the desert using cling film and a cup, but of course, you need cling film for that to work! You dig a small hole, place your cup in there and place the film over the top. This collects condensation beads which fall into the cup.

If an animal eats something it isn’t poisonous

It doesn’t work that way. Animals have different intolerances to humans. For instance, some birds and squirrels can eat berries that could poison and kill humans.

If a person is freezing pop them in a hot tub or rub them.

Yeah okay, I’ve rubbed my hands together when I was cold. Who hasn’t? But frostbite is a different kettle of fish. When you rub the skin you can damage it. And sudden exposure to hot water can cause a person to go into shock. Warming someone back up should be a slow process, blankets and hot water bottles are good for this.

To stop a shark attacking you, punch it in the nose

You have to love the idea of defiantly punching a shark in the face. But it will probably get you dead. You ever tried punching in the water? If a shark is attacking try putting something solid between you and it! If you can’t do this claw at its eyes and gills.

You can escape a riptide by swimming parallel to the shore

Unfortunately, not all rip currents come in a straight line, many come into shore at an angle. The advice is to try as much as possible to swim parallel to the shore until out of the current but if that is too much of a struggle the key to survival is to just tread water until it is no longer a struggle.

A simple lean-to is a perfect shelter for survival

It can be good but it depends on your surroundings. It’s good for protecting you from wind and good for providing shade, but if heat is needed it is ineffectual.

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