It’s Barbie Season: Here Are The Best Altenatives To Bangers And Burgers

Barbecue season is on the horizon. Who am I kidding barbecue season in the Uk begins the first sunny day we get after January. There is nowt wrong with standard barbie fair, you know, bangers and burgers, but you can be a bit more creative with your selections. Here are some alternative Barbecued foods.

Chicken thighs

You can use breasts but they can dry quickly. Thighs are beautiful on the barbie. Coat them in some lovely Piri Piri sauce for the ultimate chargrilled flavour. This probably goes without saying but it’s never a bad idea to precook chicken in the oven as sometimes it cooks too quick over the hot coals. Charred food is delicious, burnt offerings? Not so much.


Ribs seem so underused in the UK. Sure we have them when we pop to Wetherspoons or get them with our Chinese takeaway but they are beautiful in their own right. Slow cook them before coating them in your choice of rub and crisping them up on the barbie. Pro-tip, invest in some Aromat seasoning. It goes with pork a treat.

Belly Pork

Not unlike ribs, these bad boys taste beautiful on the barbie. And like ribs, they are worth slow cooking in advance to get them tender. If you get the fat crispy you will have your guests crowing. And another plus is that pork is super cheap.


When I was young I thought this was the name of an antique weapon. Turns out that is a musket and I’m no longer allowed in the gun shop. When done correctly this is one of the most tender and delicious cuts of meat you can get. Once again if you have a slow cooker it will help, you nail this. Are you sensing a theme here? Slow cookers help you elevate your barbie. Get one!

Corn on the cob

You will need to boil these before chucking them on. We recommend smothering them in butter and covering them in foil before chucking them on the barbie. They are messy and you will almost certainly burn your mouth on them but they are so worth it.


Surely you’ve heard the phrase “chuck a few shrimp on the Barbie?” Fair play to the folks down under they really know their stuff when it comes to barbecued food. Prawns can be a bit pricey and when you are using them on the barbie you don’t want to skimp. Nice big ones are the way to go. If you are worried about them slipping through your grate bung a bunch of them on a skewer. We recommend coating them in a sauce before cooking them, sweet chilli works a treat.


You may have to squeeze these on if there’s not mushroom on the barbecue…get it? Button mushrooms are perfect bbq food. Chuck them in some tin foil with a knob of butter and some crushed garlic and bury them in the coals. When you pull them out they are an absolute treat.


This is great as you can have empty skewers with a selection of diced veg and meat and people can skewer their own, choose their own sauce and basically form their own yummy kebab. We recommend onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and little chunks of beef and pork.

Jacket spuds

Like with your mushrooms these can be wrapped in foil and buried in the coals. They do take a fair old while to cook so if you want to cheat you can precook them in the microwave and finish them off in the barbie.

Pulled pork

This can be precooked in your slow cooker. We recommend a ham joint and cooking it overnight in coke before tossing in bbq sauce. Delicious!

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