Fruit Is Good For You But Should It Go With These Meals?

Fruit is good for you. In the UK it is recommended you have five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. However, fruit isn’t always wanted. Sometimes you are enjoying a nice meal and you take a bite only to realise that somebody has snuck some fruit in there. Here are some places where you don’t need fruit and some that you do.

Indian Curry

I love a good curry. To be honest Indian cuisine has become a staple here in Britain as we regularly consume a wide variety of curries. Most of the dishes we eat consist of mainly meat and sauce and occasionally veg, mostly onions. However, if you go out for an Indian you can find curries with all manner of fruit in. I literally had a curry containing Lychee in a restaurant in Cardiff. No time for it!

Curry sauce

And while we are on the subject of curry… Why is it that when you go to the chip shop and you order a nice curry sauce they feel the need to drop a token raisin in there? It always seems to be just one as well. What is the point? I always feel like a woodlouse died in my meal.


I understand why Pineapple is a bit of a divisive fruit. After all, it does contain enzymes that basically digest your cells! However, on its own, it is delicious. People tend to get annoyed by its use with food though. However, on Gammon can we not all agree that it really adds to the dish?


This is a much more contentious use of Pineapple. While I feel I may have your support on the use of it on Gammon I know that including it on Pizza is going to be divisive. Personally, Hawaain pizza is one of my faves but I will allow you to draw your own conclusions on this one.


I know that a Waldorf salad contains apple and if you go to Harvester you can get pineapple chunks for your salad. (seriously pineapple is always sticking his oar in where it’s not wanted). But fruit has its own salad. Why does it feel the need to invade a regular salad when there is one literally made for it. For the purpose of the rant, we will forget that tomatoes and cucumber are fruit

With Tuna

Some “people”, and I use the term loosely, put Strawberries with their Tuna. I saw it on an episode of Hells kitchen. The guy gave some story about how the flavour from the strawberry’s compliments the fish, but nope. It got a thumbs down from Gordon Ramsey and it gets one from us too.

Sweet and sour

You kind of have to have the pineapple in here. It is literally what gives the balance to the sauce. This is a very sweet dish anyway so we can totally forgive the use of fruit in it.

Apple sauce with Pork

If you don’t think that apple and pork together head to your local pub, grab a packet of pork scratchings, a pint of cider, sit in the sun, and enjoy. A match made in Devon heaven.

Hot cross bun

I love a hot cross bun and I have no issue with the fact they contain lemon and orange rind but do they have to contain raisins. There are literally versions with chocolate drops instead. Can’t we all just get on board with them?

Lime Pickle and Mango Chutney

Personal tastes aside (I’m not a fan of lime pickle.) these are great for dipping your poppadoms in as is that mint, yoghurt stuff that every Indian restaurant serves.

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