These Are The Ways That The World Could End

As Skeeter Davis once famously sang “don’t they know, it’s the end of the world”. It isn’t, yet. Despite the fact, the doomsday clock hangs perilously close to midnight. So how will it all come to an end? Will it happen in our lifetime? Who knows? Here are some possible scenarios.

An asteroid whacks us

We have all seen Armageddon. Scientists have already stated that the approach taken in that movie would not work. They haven’t been quick to suggest one that would, either. Ultimately if a big enough chunk of rock heads towards us we are probably doomed. Fortunately, we have a got portion of the objects in and around our solar system being tracked and monitored. So hopefully the world won’t end like that.

Global warming leads to another ice age

Yes, I realise this is basically the story from the movie the day after tomorrow. But it could happen. The polar ice caps are moving and it is leading to a generally cooler ocean. It seems crazy that the earth getting hotter could lead to an ice age. But strange things happen all the time, Robert Pattinson is going to be friggin Batman, need I say more?

A supervolcano

There is a lot of potentially dangerous volcanic areas that are currently dormant or semi-active. Most famously people believe that Yellowstone Park in the US is a ticking time bomb. The ash from Pompeii wiped out an entire city but the destruction from a super volcano could be a global killer.

Alien invasion

There’s a movie for this one too. This seems pretty unlikely. The distance an alien species would need to travel is astronomical and if a species had the technology to do it, why haven’t they yet? I think we have to make peace with the fact that while we may not be alone in the universe, we probably aren’t going to have tea with the neighbours.

Robots take over the world

If you have seen the video clips of Sophie the robot then you may very well be alarmed by this idea. As long as we have had robots we have had dystopian tales of them taking over and it seems humanity is edging closer to tech that could do just that.

Thanos is real

And the Avengers aren’t. Okay, so this has no chance of coming to pass. You have to say though as much as the end of the world is going to suck, it would be slightly more palatable at the hands of a supervillain.

Nuclear war

This one seems increasingly likely with a warmonger in charge of one of the worlds biggest nations. Not mentioning any names, but the Swedish prime minister knows what I mean (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) with heads of state handing out threats of war via Twitter and more countries with nuclear capabilities we live in uncertain times.

We make the land uninhabitable

Through over farming and gutting the world of its natural resources. The population of the earth is growing and big businesses crave money. We need to start taking care of the earth.

The sun explodes

This probably won’t happen for some time. But when it does we are all doomed. Without the suns light, the earth will become a dead, lifeless, cold rock.

The big squeeze

There is almost no chance that we will survive this long. But if the Big Bang sent everything outwards from a central point it is theorised that one day it might all fly back to that point again. Don’t worry it will take a long, long time!

The internet breaks

I know Kim /Kardashians ass has already claimed to have done this, but can you imagine if it happened for real? A whole generation would have to go outside and do things. Their pasty skin would be so Ill-equipped to deal with the suns harmful rays that they would fry like vampires. On the bright side, no more Logan Paul. So silver linings.

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