Fancy A Salad? These Are Some Of The Best You Can Get

There is some debate over what constitutes a salad and to be quite honest I couldn’t find a definition that seemed to make sense to me. What I will say is this, I don’t consider Antipasto one, do you? However, the following are salads and are amazing.


Not only does this salad have an amusing name it looks very cool with its vibrant colours. It is simple to put together as most of it can just be poured in a bowl from a can. Consists mainly of chickpeas, green beans and Kidney beans. Usually contains chopped beetroot chunks too. Is drizzled in oil or vinegar and can be sweetened with sugar.


This did not originate from Italy as you might assume. Although the man credited with its invention was of Italian descent it actually comes from Mexico. One of the worlds most famous salads it’s primary ingredients are Romain lettuce, croutons and egg. Usually served with parmesan, olive oil, Worcester sauce and anchovies.


Probably most famous for appearing in the theme tune to Fraser. This is often served in rows of different colours making it eye-catching. The ingredients vary but can include lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, chicken breast, boiled egg and avocado


This could be called a meta-salad as it is considered a salad in its own right but is often served as part of other salads. It is made primarily of shredded cabbage and carrot tossed in generous amounts of mayonnaise. Can contain mustard powder, celeriac and onion.

Fruit Salad

Is this a cheat? At least I stayed clear of Snickers salad (yes, that’s a thing, you have to love the USA). Fruit salad is a delightful treat consisting of various fruits, usually chopped and served with a hit of lemon juice. Delicious served with double cream or Ice Cream.


As you would expect with a Greek dish the main ingredients are Feta cheese, Olives and Olive oil! This another globally recognised salad. Also contains cucumber, tomatoes and red onion.

Mimosa Salad

I didn’t even realise this was a proper salad but I have been making it for years. Originating from Russia it includes canned fish, hard-boiled eggs with cheese onion and mayo. Here’s a pro tip: toss it in with some pasta and thank me later.

Pasta Salad

This doesn’t have a set recipe and is usually just a bunch of items tossed in with some pasta and usually covered in a healthy (or actually unhealthy) dollop of mayonnaise. This is usually chilled before serving although you can have it still warm.


This is a traditional British salad. It consists of Iceberg lettuce, Cheddar cheese, ham, tomatoes, boiled eggs and pickles. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit dull and Britain should be ashamed.

Potato Salad

Another meta-salad. This can be served warm or chilled and is delicious either way. It is a simple dish consisting of boiled potatoes cut into small chunks (you can skin them or leave them with skins on.) and onions and dressed in either mayo or salad cream.

Taco Salad

I have only just discovered this. Take a shaped tortilla and layer it with refried beans, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and taco sauce and then top with seasoned shredded chicken. Being a Mexican dish you can tweak it how you want. Add some jalapenos for a kick perhaps.


Created by the Waldorf hotel in New York, this unusual salad consists of thinly sliced apple, grapes, celery and walnuts tossed in mayo. It looks very posh but coming from a hotel that’s not really a surprise, is it?

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