Pokemon Go Is It Still Good?

Pokemon Go is one of mobile gaming’s greatest achievements. If for no other reason then it managed to get geeky gamers off of their backsides for five minutes. Its quirky features include novel use of AR technology to make it look like beautiful pocket-sized monsters exist in the wild, making it great for kids and adults alike, but for the uninitiated, it can be a bit hard to get. But not with our handy guide.

The aim of pokemon Go

The aim of the game is to collect as many pokemon as you possibly can. You do this, first by finding the creatures and then by tossing poke balls at them, using your timing and precision to trap them. These captured pokemon can be used to battle at gyms to earn rewards. You also get rewards for various other tasks and you can use these to level up and train your pokemon.

Getting balls

You are afforded a generous amount of starting Pokeballs, but after a couple of hours tossing them at adorable little creatures, you will start to run low. You can buy balls using real money, but who wants to spend real cash on a mobile game, right?

As you level up and complete tasks you are given some, but perhaps the most consistent way to get more pokeballs is to visit gyms and pokemarts. These will be local landmarks and appear on your map. (you need to have GPS activated to use the game.) Once you are close enough to these landmarks you spin the disk and bunch of goodies appear in bubbles that you pop to acquire them.

Catching Pokemon

The actual catching of pokemon is an art form in itself. You don’t have to weaken the pokemon before you catch them like you have had to in previous games, you simply toss balls at them. However some pokemon like to jump around, which makes this difficult. And higher level pokemon may seem to constantly break free. You can toss berries to Pokemon to counter this.

When you attempt to capture a Pokemon two hoops appear. The first is solid and white, the second decreases in size and is colour coded to suggest how hard the pokemon is to catch. Green being easy and red being very difficult. You should try and aim to get the balls between the two hoops. You will get a rating based on how small the second hoop is if you manage to get it through that hoop.


Unfortunately, this is the area that somewhat lets the game down. It is not the same as the main games that you find on the DS or the Switch. The battling system on Pokemon Go isn’t as in-depth or exciting. It consists mainly of leaving your pokemon in gyms or challenging existing pokemon in the gyms and letting the automated system do its thing. While it is good this feature exists and the rewards for it are great, it isn’t the strongest part of the game.

Altering reality

Although by default you can turn it off the game does take advantage of Augmented Reality (AR). More so then any game it does this in a way that really enhances the experience. There is something ridiculously cool about seeing your favourite monster brought to life on the screen and if you are playing with your kids they will be in awe.

The downsides of using this is that it does run down your batteries and it does make catching considerably more difficult. However, if you are taking the little ones on a hunt they will appreciate it.

Should I download this then?

Absolutely. Don’t even give it a second thought. It’s a well-made phone game that is completely free. One of the best games you can pick up for your mobile devices.

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