Lacking Motivation? Let Arnie Inspire You

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an icon, a legend who has been successful in every area where he has attempted to be successful. He was not born into privilege. Not handed anything and yet has achieved what many of us could only dream of. How did he accomplish this? By not wasting time on dreaming!

Rough start for Arnie

Arnie came from humble beginnings. In the aftermath of the second world war, Austria wasn’t the most fantastic place to live. Schwarzenegger was raised by parents who were abjectly poor. He recalls one of his favourite childhood memories was when his family could finally afford a fridge!

He was an athletic kid and was a keen soccer player. The story goes that as part of the football team he was taken to a local gym where he had his first experience of weightlifting. The young Austrian was only fifteen at the time. He switched his attention to bodybuilding using it as a tool to help him achieve his goal of leaving Austria and moving to the US which he did at the age of twenty-one.

Mr Olympia

He studied and worked in the US for a year while managing to train five hours a day before entering the Mr Olympia contest and finishing runner-up. The next year, at the tender age of just twenty-three, Arnie took the title, officially making him the world’s best bodybuilder. He is the youngest person to ever win the title. He went on to win the prestigious title an impressive seven times.


Arnie decided to give up bodybuilding to pursue an acting career. He found out how cutthroat Hollywood could be and faced multiple setbacks. He was told his name was too long, that his body shape was too weird and that his accent was an issue. Despite all of this he gained some early success with Hercules in New York. As you probably know he went on to superstardom with major roles in the films Terminator and Terminator 2 and Conan The Barbarian. On the back of this, he made a slew of popular action and comedy flicks.


Not content with mastering bodybuilding and Hollywood Arnie also pursued a career in politics. When you consider the fact that he was just an average student and that bodybuilding, especially during the ’80s, wasn’t something you would associate with intellect, he was again very successful. He went on to serve two terms as the governor of the state of California.

How Arnie did it

He didn’t get given the tools to create his success. Arnie fashioned his legacy with his own hands. He espouses, and in-fact is the poster boy for a strong work ethic. But that is just my opinion, the big man has been quizzed over his successes and you don’t have to look far to find out how he answers.

Motivation Arnie style

A quick YouTube search and you can find several clips of Arnie’s motivational speeches. He is as funny as he is charming and inspirational when he talks about dividing our days up.

He comments “we sleep 6 hours” the audience bristles slightly at the thought and he follows it up with “I know some of you might be thinking, I need 8 hours sleep, sleep faster”. It is meant as a joke, but everyone listening knows that the mentality it alludes to is the difference between Mt Olympia and employee of the month in a local fast food joint.

So the key to his success is to set goals and work hard to make them happen. Seems pretty straightforward. I’ll leave you with his words of wisdom

“Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

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