Mobile Games That Have No Place Becoming Esports

There are some terrific mobile games that have become E-sports. There are online versions of Pub G that people play competitively as well as hosts of decent MOBAS. And while it seems most E-sports games make great mobile titles, the same probably can’t be said in reverse. Here is a list of games that are great on mobile but probably shouldn’t become an E-sport.

Marvel Strike Force

Now don’t get me wrong this is one of the coolest games you can get on your mobile devices. If you don’t own it, download it! The combination of swanky graphics and great use of its subject material make it one of those games that you try and log in to every day. However, like with all games in its genre, it has the option to simulate matches. The reason for this is simple, after a very short time the matches get boring. Boring matches make rubbish E-sports.

Device 6

It may well be one of the most heralded games of all time but it has one feature which means it will never be an E-Sport. It is a single player game. I can’t think of a way to make this competitive! If ever there was a game that could not be an E-sport, this is it. If they managed to make this into a sport then the Olympics would start adding reading to their repertoire.


I could see how they might try and do this. Unlike some of the other games on this list, there is clearly an element of the game that would be exciting to watch. The game’s quirky visuals would make it at least entertaining. And if Fortnite has shown us anything it is that you can include crafting elements in an E-sport. While that is true this game is more akin to Minecraft than Fortnite and so while Youtubers may entice people to watch Crashlands videos it will never make it as an E-sport.

Subway surfers

Autorun games have the ability to be competitive. You could put people in a league table and see them compete to get the furthest. There is a mechanic there that could make it into a sport. Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should! While having something like Subway surfers as an e-sport is possible as it is with any autorunner, from Tomb Raider to the one with the minions, can you imagine watching that tournament?

Pokemon Go

Ironically the type of person who loves Pokemon Go is the type of person that would probably be into E-sports. It’s not that it doesn’t have the potential to transition into a sport. I for one long for a world with actual pokemon tournaments where people catch their best team and train them like crazy. In fact, with future iterations of the game, Nintendo would be shrewd to look at the E-sports world and add a layer of complexity so that can happen. However, with the current game, it just isn’t feasible. Shame.

The Sims

The Sims maintains its popularity on mobile mirroring the success of its PC and Console-based counterparts. However, unlike it’s prettier cousins the mobile version is free to play. It is feature-heavy and well-worth a download, however, it is never going to become an E-sport, because…well, how could it? What competitive element could you possibly include? Make it a contest to see who is the first to engage in woohoo?

Adventure Capitalist

Do I even have to justify this? I feel like I am insulting your intelligence! The reason this wouldn’t make a good e-sports is that all you do is simply watch a series of meters going up. This may be fun for people on an individual basis but a group watching it would get bored in a hurry.

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