Activision Changed How New Games Are Announced By Turning Social Media “Dark”


Recently, the official Call of Duty Twitter account published a teaser tweet, giving players a date and time for the official reveal of 2019’s Call of Duty game – May 30th at 10 AM PT. At the time, it was all speculation on what exactly fans of the series could expect from the pre-E3 announcement. Shortly after, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had been announced and is scheduled to be released in October, which is teased to be a “rebooted and grittier take on Call of Duty”.

Prior to its release, Activision went out of their way to not only intrigue Call of Duty fans, but gamers across the board with their unique visuals and interactive marketing that bought a new level to how companies will announce new games in the future.

Activision’s announcement began speculation that the gaming giant would presumably host a livestream that unveils the new game, which is believed to be a new game in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare sub-series. The company didn’t say what exactly fans could expect from the release/announcement, but Call of Duty fans were warned to set their alarm clocks nonetheless.

The tweet, which reads “going dark,” is accompanied by a video that doesn’t actually show a whole lot; it primarily consists of some background noise and innocuous dialogue, as a woman says she has a problem and something about a briefing. You can watch it for yourself below.

All the teaser posts seemed to clearly suggest what Call of Duty fans wanted most – an announcement that was most speculated to hit likely sometime before or during E3 2019. Though Activision doesn’t hold its own press conference for the event, a Call of Duty trailer is often featured at the press briefings for Microsoft, Sony, or both. This year Sony is bowing out of E3, but players were still hopeful that Microsoft would still could still show it off and lead the way for the official announcement.

Rumour had it that the next Call of Duty would likely be a reboot of Modern Warfare, dropping the numbers and simply calling itself Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This would be the fourth Modern Warfare game, following up on last year’s Black Ops 4. Coincidently, it . turned out that players didn’t have to wait long for the official announcement. Shortly after,  the official Call of Duty Twitter account posted yet another Tweet, noting that the new Call of Duty game would be released October 25.

A long twelve years after the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward is returning to the game turned its franchise into a shooter-dominating juggernaut. This year’s Call of Duty is, in fact, Modern Warfare, as the rumours suggested — but it’s not quite a remake of the game that kicked off the trilogy back in 2007, after all.

2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reimagining of the first game and brings with it some stark changes. Chief among them on the multiplayer front is the addition of cross-play–allowing play across PS4, Xbox One, and PC–and the absence of a season pass that locks new DLC maps to only a portion of the player base. We’ve also learned that Zombies, typically a fixture of the entries in the series, won’t be included in the upcoming Modern Warfare release.

Although fans might miss Zombies, there are a number of player favourites returning. Captain Price is again a principal character in this new story, for instance. It seems as though this new game will also concern Russian interactions with the Middle East, while enemies will include an ultranationalist group helping to execute terrorist attacks in major cities such as London. However, that seems to be just about all the information Activision is releasing for now.

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