Want to be 1337? A Guide To Gaming Language

If you are new to the world of online gaming you may find it a little daunting. Sometimes it can seem like gamers have a different language. Don’t feel intimidated, you will soon pick it up. Here is our handy guide to help you fit right in.

approval, achievement, and congratulations

WOOT: An exclamation made by people who have done something great. Perhaps you have captured the enemy’s flag. In Britain, we used Woop instead, and we invented the language so we are right, right?

FTW: For the win! This can also stand for “f*** the world” context is important!

Ding: People will say or type this when they level up. If you are expecting high fives from everybody don’t “ding” when you hit level 7. Save it for landmarks because frankly, nobody cares unless it’s a landmark. Actually, nobody cares anyway, but at least they may pretend to for level 50.

PWN or PWNED: This has an interesting backstory. It arose from the fact that people commonly misspelt the word “own” or “owned” on a qwerty keyboard. Usually used to suggest you are going to destroy someone, IE “I am going to pwn that noob”.

language of dismay and concern

WTF?: What the f***. This is an actual question, used in bewilderment to signify that something alarming has gone down.

OMG: Oh My God or if you are Mormon Oh my gosh, trust me my brother is a LDS. Some people aren’t satisfied with the exclamation and may precede it with a “Z”.

JK: Just kidding, or Jokes. Usually, this is used just after saying something horrendous to try and mitigate the fact that you are an appalling human being.

Gaming specific language

OOE, OOP, OOC, OOM: out of… endurance, power, concentration, manna etc. This is when gamers start to panic, for real. Usually, this occurs on the final raid boss, because of irony.

GTG, RTG: good to go or ready to go. Often uttered when a clan is hanging around having just got buffed and are waiting to go do a big stabby thingy.
Showing your superiority in an arrogant way

IIRC: If I recall correctly. Even if you are not British you best believe people are going to read this in a British accent. If you were going for pompous you nailed it.

IMHO: In my humble opinion. This means that you are right but you don’t want to look like an ass about it. If you are going to be arrogant at least own it.

Noob: You can also use Newb which is short for a newbie (someone new to the game) with noob the insinuation is they play like somebody who has never played before. It is the ultimate of disrespect for a gamer.

Character stuff

Tank: The big bozo who stands in front of battles and takes a pasting while the rest of you actually do something useful. People who play as a tank are usually called Dave.

Caster: Any class that does magic stuff.

AOE: “area of effect” – an attack that does damage to a particular area, also sometimes called splash damage.

Healers and Rezzers: Healers heal people, you got that, right? Rezzers can literally bring back people from the dead, resurrect them and do they ask for thanks? Never.

MOB: This is nothing to do with the mafia, unless you are playing a mafia-themed game. A mob is a baddy.

NPC: Non-player character. Basically anybody in the game that isn’t controlled by a human being. Mobs are NPC’s, technically, but it’s more commonly used for friendly characters.

Other stuff

Aggro: When you get too close to a mob and it starts attacking you. That’s amore…wait, no, that’s aggro.

PvE, PVP: Player versus Environment or player. PVE is a single player experience, PVP is where you wail on your fellow human beings.

Spawn: How I refer to my child. I’m kidding, this is an area where something appears, usually NPC’s or a quest item.

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