NBA 2K League Announces Massive Tournament

When it comes to eSports the ones that are connected to “real-life” sports tend to not get the glamour of their more fantasy-based counterparts. That doesn’t mean they don’t happen though. Take for instance the NBA 2K league. The organisation based around one of the most popular Basketball franchises had a big announcement this Monday.

NBA 2K the game

For those who haven’t played the game, it is well worth a try. After all, playing is better than watching, right? NBA 2K has glorious reviews from the likes of IGN and is undoubtedly the best game of a terrific series. It’s no easy title to master though. The game has a steep learning curve but the tradeoff is unmatched realism. It is that sense of realism that makes it such an enticing eSport.

It’s on

They announced that their tournament, ominously named “the ticket” will be held next week in Orlando, Florida. The event supported by mobile providers At&t should act as a showcase for some of the worlds best sports gamers.

There are now 21 teams in the event up from 17 last year. The event will take place between the 13th and 15th of June and will be hosted by the Fortress at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. If you remember last years event was held in New York City.

Eyes on the prize

As the popularity of eSports grows so does the money involved. Last years tournament had a huge pot totalling $150k with half of that going to the eventual winners. This year’s pot is even bigger with a pot of $180k and an estimated prize of $90k for the winners. Of course, this pales into comparison to the cash involved in the Playoffs which is the final stage of the NBA 2K gaming league. Last year the pot for that was a whopping $300k.


The winner of the Ticket tournament is guaranteed a place in the playoffs. There are several other tournaments where teams can book their place, but The Ticket is a team’s last chance to get a shot at making it into the lucrative tournament.

Form matters

The seeding system for the tournament is incredibly important. Obviously, teams want to be drawn against weaker opposition increasing their chances of advancing and this is why the seeds are so important. In this tournament, the seeds are based on recent form. So the teams who have performed the best over the past four weeks will have a distinct advantage.

Watch the NBA 2K action

Not all of us can afford to hop on a plane and go to Florida. Fortunately for less affluent people, there are other options. The fast-paced action will be available to anyone with an internet connection and let’s be honest, that’s most of us. The tournament will stream live on the NBA 2K’s Twitch stream and Youtube channels for us all to enjoy.

Defending champions

The tournament will feature 21 teams as previously mentioned. These are all based around actual NBA sides. Obviously, these teams will all be vying for the top spot and that massive prize fund but there is an extra onus on Knicks Gaming to do well. The team based around the New York Knicks not only won last years Ticket event but then took advantage of their playoff place to go on to become the overall champions. As returning Ticket champs and champs overall the pressure will be on. You will have to wait until next week to see how they deal with that pressure. In the meantime, if you cannot wait to get your fill of basketball greatness why not pick up a copy of the game yourself?

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