The Rise And Rise Of Tfue

Turner Tenney has become an icon in competitive gaming. Like most gamers, he is more renowned by his screen name, Tfue. (not to be confused with Kung Fu Panda’s Master Shifu). While Tfue has become a household name for people who watching gaming streams and those following the eSports world that hasn’t always been the case. Let’s look at the rise of Fortnite’s greatest player.


You might expect that Tfue was born with a control pad in his hand. That really isn’t the case. In fact, he hadn’t really played a video game until he hit his teens. He was brought up in sunny Florida near the beach. Deciding he would get a better standard of education his parents had him and his bothers home-schooled.


The result of this is was that he spent a large amount of time with his siblings. As a result of this and being part of the IGeneration him and his brother Jack filmed much of their childhood. They were seemingly never without a camera.

Sports and pranks

In their formative years, Turner and his brother Jack spent a lot of time engaging in all manner of beach sports. In particular any kind of surfing. Turner was talented and surfed competitively on a variety of boards. The pair uploaded these videos as well as a host of others on their popular Youtube channel entitled Joog squad.

The channel had a great mix of videos of the duo hitting the waves and taking part in their other favourite pastime…pulling pranks. The brothers along with their friends would hit the beach and play all manner of practical jokes on people and upload the video evidence to their channel. So popular were they that their channel amassed a massive 10k viewers. Imagine having 10000 subscribers at 16!

Cliff jumping

Turner started to evolve the videos and featured more of his newest hobby: cliff jumping. He is naturally athletic and took to the hobby with aplomb. It was around this sort of time that he started to play video games more frequently and in 2015 he started his own gaming channel on Youtube.

Gaming channel

Like a lot of channels, he started streaming his exploits in Modern Warfare. He then went on to play a lot of Destiny. He excelled at both games. Here’s the thing, at the time it was just another run-of-the-mill gaming channel, with one caveat. Turner was better than most.


With the advent of this and later Pub G, battle Royal’s started to become big. This style suited both competitive play and game streamers as it allowed them to showcase their individual talents. This helped Tfue to excel and along with the change of game came a change in style. He started to let his personality show in the way he had done on his brother’s channel. Pranks returned to his channel and his skills on commentating improved leading to a massive increase in subscribers. By the start of 2018, he was up to 65k subs. Although his Twitch stream was only on about 200 views per live stream.


TFue really took things to the next level when Fortnite was released. He jumped on the train very early. It was a wonderful combination of outstanding gaming talent streaming the world’s most popular game. Not only that but the way that Fortnite seems to transcend into popular culture helped Tfue turn into a sensation.

By the middle of July, his Twitch streams were enjoying more than 40k views. A truly remarkable accomplishment. Fast forward to today and Tfue is respected not just for his competitive gaming skills, but for his laid back attitude and personable character. He is truly one of eSports biggest stars.

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