Pub G Versus Fortnite Which Game Should You Play?

If you spend any time working in a school, and I personally have had the pleasure, then you will at some point hear the question “Pub G or Fortnite?”. When I first heard this question I had no idea what Pub G was. Obviously being as cool and hip as I am I knew that a G was a gangster, right? And a Pub, well I’m British so I knew exactly what one of those was.

Yeah, about that…

Of course, I was a total idiot. I was a casual gamer so I knew what Fortnite was, in fact, I had been following its development cycle as I was really interested in the increasingly irrelevant single player experience. (I still maintain this is the facet of the game that has the most potential to make it unique.) but I had never heard of Pub G.

Same but different

The comparisons are easy to see, both games use the Battle Royale format, both see you parachute into a random location but Pub G takes a very different approach to the genre, in fact, many would claim that it is the game that revolutionised the genre. Taking its cues from the likes of D1Z1, a game that Pug G’s creator Brendan Greene modded for, there had been elements of the battle Royal throughout online games, but Pub G was debatably the first standalone game to embrace the format.

Pub G Vs Fortnite Sales

The sales of the games are probably not the way to best choose between the two. We will talk about it but it isn’t a great comparison yardstick due to Fortnite’s free-to-play model. However, the single-player mode for Fortnite was released commercially and has a price tag. Of course, Pub G adopted a different business strategy and is one of the best selling video games of all time which is a reflection of the impact that the title has made.

Sales figures for Save The World, the single player version of Fortnite are hard to come by. It would appear that it has sold in excess of a million copies, which on the face of it doesn’t seem that impressive, but is to be expected when you can play the multiplayer version of the game for nothing?

When it comes to sales Pub G is a beast with more than 50 million copies shipped worldwide. To put that into context GTA 5 which is the greatest selling game of all time made 110 million sales worldwide. So while it is not at that level, it is still very much “in the game”.


Pub G is no slouch in this department either. Since its release, it has enjoyed more than 500 million downloads and it has outperformed Fortnite in this area. The majority of these sales, almost a third come from China where the game has a huge following. (although not quite as big as their devotion to Dota 2!)

Making paper

Although Pub G clearly has most of the numbers on its side you cannot underestimate the commercial aspect. Fortnite has become a money-making machine, Its business model promotes microtransactions and these have led to the game taking a rumoured 3 billion dollars in the past year. This is almost 3 times the revenue for its counterpart which proves that sales aren’t everything.


Then there is the impact of the two games. Fortnite has become more than just a video game. Its taunts and dances have become part of our culture in ways that few games ever do. Which game is better depends on the criteria on which you choose to judge. They are both great in their own right. If you can’t decide why not play both? You don’t have to pander to the kids at school!

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