eSports focus: Gears Of War Gets Our Chainsaws Revving

There are plenty of video games that could be classed as eSports in the modern world. Any sport that is played competitively could be classed as such. As part of our ongoing series, TheVersed takes a look at some of the most prominent eSports games. This week we take a look at Gears of War.

Grinding Gears

Gears of War is a long-running franchise created by Epic games, the brains behind Fortnite and the underrated Bulletstorm. It dates back to the early days of the Xbox 360. For many people, myself included it was the deciding factor in choosing the console over the Playstation. I remember vividly the epic (excuse the pun) advertising campaign set to the tune of Gary Jules’ remake of the Tears For Fears classic, Madworld. Right from the off it appeared to be something a bit special.


From its very inception, the Gears franchise has taken a “more is more” approach. You could never accuse it of being subtle as it takes larger than life action heroes and places them in an uncannily dreary surrounding and faces them off against violent and over the top foes. It doesn’t stop there though.

Crimson Omen

It’s a somewhat apt symbol that represents the game, the somewhat iconic “crimson omen” because the games contain a lot of crimson hues. By that, I mean that the game has a lot of blood. You know how you watch a Tarantino movie and it sometimes seems that they went about 30 million under budget and decided to use what was left on extra blood packs? Gears is the video game equivalent. The fact that the game’s most popular weapon has a frigging chainsaw on the front of it speaks volumes about the kind of animal we are dealing with.

So what type of game is Gears of War?

For the uninitiated, it is a third person shooter. The multiplayer aspect is excellent and one of the most played in X-Box live’s history. The single-player campaign features the story of the Coalition of Organised Government (or COG) and their struggles with an “alien invasion” to their planet, Sera. Sera is no stranger to war having just come out of an intense civil war, but the locusts invasion threatens to obliterate the human population of the planet.

The campaign’s initial trilogy focused primarily on Marcus Fenix and his partner Dom as well as the memorable side characters Damon Baird and Augustus “cole train” Cole. Following on from that we have had Gears of War Judgement which served as a prequel and Gears 4, the start of a new plot that surrounds Kait and Marcus’ son JD Fenix.

What makes Gears of War special

As previously mentioned its lack of subtlety is its biggest strength. The executions in the game are hilarious. From flipping your sniper rifle and using the shoulder rest like a 9 iron before smashing a locusts head up the fairway. To ripping off a character’s arm and beating them with the soggy end. No, that is not an exaggeration, that’s a real thing.


Obviously, it is its multiplayer element that makes it an eSport. Although not played competitively the series brought us the mode “Horde” that pits you and your team against increasingly tough waves of Locust Hordes who try and destroy your fortifications and, ultimately, you. But the actual versus modes are pretty standard. They are just well executed. There is Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill (A capture the flag style mode) and wealth of other game modes. They all combine to make a fast paced, action filled experience that has made it one of the most popular choices for Xbox gamers over the past decade

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