Gamer Focus: Who Is Ali-A?

We continue our series looking at gamers this week by taking a peek into the life of popular British gamer and Youtube sensation, Ali-A.

Ali-A is the alter ego of Alastair Aiken. He was born on the 6th of November 1993 in London. Not much is known about his personal life, which he tends to keep relatively quiet, occasionally opening up on his channel. We do know that he has a brother called Simon.

Not all stories are the same

There was understandably a lot of rumours circulating Ali A. Due to his kindly nature and his attitude it led many people to speculate that he was bullied as a child. It has also been a hot topic for debate if he is gay. He has confirmed that he isn’t. He has also addressed the bullying rumours and apparently they are not true. Alastair had a happy childhood and was popular at school.


How Ali-A became famous

He started his YouTube channel way back in 2006 but he didn’t really start to upload videos until 2009. At the tail end of that year, he began to upload videos of game footage of him playing Call of Duty. Like most rookie YouTubers his early efforts did not receiver many views but by 2011 he hit the milestone of having 100000 subscribers. Not a bad start.

As time passed people began to notice his skills on Call of Duty. He was an exceptional player and this helped his content garner lots of shares on social media. By 2013 he had hit a million subs and that had risen to an impressive 8 million by 2016.

Record breaker

Ali A isn’t just any old YouTuber, he is an award-winning YouTuber! He holds world records for the most subscribed Call of Duty channel on Youtube. His other channel holds two records, both of them quite amusing. The first is for the longest staircase built in Minecraft in the space of a minute and a second for the most wood collected in Minecraft in the space of three minutes!

More Ali-A

In 2013 he created a second channel. He did this so his main channel could maintain its focus on Call of Duty and so he could branch out and make films of him playing different games. The second channel, simply called “More Ali-A” also plays host to Vlogs where he talks about other aspects such as his life outside of gaming. This channel did some seriously impressive figures when he began uploading Pokemon Go content, soon exceeding 100 million views on a single video.

Other projects

Ali-A has also featured on the popular TV show “The Gadget Show”. Occasionally he acts as a guest speaker for the series. He has also appeared in a lot of BBC content. Including a video interview that was uploaded to their site where he delivered tips to gamers to help them improve their skills on First person shooters.

Ali-A: From YouTube star to TV star

Following his rise to popularity and amid a chorus of various accolades, Ali-A was headhunted by the BBC to host a new TV show called Super Chargers. The premise is simple as he hosts and kids are able to redecorate their parent’s cars without input from their parents. Car-nage!


Following a slight decline in viewing figures for his YouTube accounts, Ali-A decided to switch his focus to arguably the world’s most popular game, Fortnite. The star noticed an instant upturn upon doing this. It seemed people everywhere tuned into to see this prestigious gaming talent in his new arena. Since then his channel has gone from strength to strength currently boasting a massive 16 million subscribers.

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