A New Final Fantasy Live-Action TV Series Was Just Announced


Sony Pictures Television and production company Hivemind Entertainment (the company behind Netflix’s forthcoming adaptation of The Witcher and Amazon’s The Expanse) announced a partnership with Square Enix to develop a live-action Final Fantasy TV series based on the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG, following all the standard aspects from the franchise, such as godlike beings, impending doom, magic, airships, and protagonists trying to save the world from being blown up. Following a rough launch in 2010, FFXIV was re-released in 2013 and has since established itself among the subscription-based MMOs on the market. The news of a TV show comes just ahead of the launch of the game’s next expansion, Shadow bringers. The TV series will be set in Eorzea, the same setting as the 14th main instalment of the video game series. The show will feature many elements that players are long familiar with, including Chocobos and the live-action debut of Cid.

While the news is certainly exciting, it’s too soon to pin-point exact plot details on the prospective series, beyond the source material. However, word is it will tell “an original story set in the fantastic world of Eorzea,” a continuously growing world first introduced in “Final Fantasy XIV,” which incorporates characters from across the franchise’s long history.

“Final Fantasy XIV and Eorzea are the perfect gateway into Final Fantasy for longtime fans and newcomers alike,” said Sony Pictures Television Co-President Chris Parnell. “This show is about embracing and embodying all of the elements that have made the mythos such an endlessly captivating phenomenon, and it’s an immense honour to be bringing all of Eorzea’s iconic characters, settings, and concepts – including fan favourites like Cid and, of course, the chocobos – to life for a television audience.”

Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton is set to write for the series and serve as executive producers alongside Jason F. Brown, Sean Daniel, and Dinesh Shamdasani of Hivemind. Excitingly, this isn’t the only piece of TV content being produced by Hivemind at the moment. Aside from Amazon’s The Expanse, the production company is also working on an adaptation of The Witcher for Netflix, which will reportedly release on the streaming service later this year. The series will star Freya Allan (Into the Badlands) as Ciri, Anya Chalotra (Wanderlust) as Yennefer, and Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The first season is currently in production in Hungary. Also promised are all the series longtime calling cards: “magitek and beastmen, airships and chocobos” as well as “the live-action debut of Cid.” (Presumably they mean Cid Garlond from the game, although it could very well be just another Cid entirely. Final Fantasy has never been shy about introducing new Cids.)

Early as it may be, a Final Fantasy XIV TV show is a pretty amazing idea, and definitely one that Final Fantasy fans from around the world are excited for. The new plans for Eorzea will bring an exciting, great big world full of classic Final Fantasy trappings and nods to previous games in the series which will keep both old and newer Final Fantasy fans coming back for more.

Final Fantasy was previously adapted for the animated movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Released in 2001, it was widely panned and performed poorly at the box office. In 2017, there was also the live-action TV mini-series Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, following a father and son connecting through the MMORPG. However, each Final Fantasy release to date hasn’t yet matched the attention the announcement of the live action remake has attracted, making this it’s most popular and anticipated release yet.

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