These Dota 2 Heroes Are Seriously OP

If you have ever been a part of a gaming community, especially a MOBA, strategy or any-class based game you will be familiar with complaints about balance issues.

There is no doubt that DOTA 2 is one of the world’s most popular MOBAs and arguably the world’s most successful eSport to boot. But it’s safe to say that it isn’t without its own balance issues. Today we take a look at some of the most unbalanced heroes in DOTA 2.


The reason for this heroes appearance on the list should be pretty obvious. Why does a character get passive invisibility? Wake up and smell the game breaker. Okay, so a lot of pros ignore him. But if you are playing online you will know just how overpowered Riki can be, because let’s be honest, who in the heck can be bothered to buy protection?

Storm Spirit

Yeah, he might be a chunky looking fella, but he also comes packing a chunky manna pool. This allows him to be deadly on the battlefield. The result of this is that if you play your cards right and use the right move sometimes you can take out the majority of the opposition with one or two well-timed moves. If that isn’t borked I don’t know what is.


People hate facing off against these. They are just bloody irritating. They are small, they drag games on and they drop mines like my rabbit drops tiny little nuggets of poop.


Okay, so this porky son of a gun does look pretty cool. It doesn’t stop us bemoaning the heroes selection screen when we see him on the opposing side. His hook move was a game killer. Although not always used competitively, when he is he rains down destruction.

Phantom Assassin

Noobs everywhere will flock to this character. Why? Because it is such an easy one to use and a tough one to play against. The class is basically powered by random number generation and somewhere along the line, some genius decided to give the hero a dagger that can crit-hit. Yeah, good one!

Dark Willow

This character is on the list because she has way too much manna, two big moves and a move that makes her untargetable. Oh yeah, and she has an annoying voice, let’s not forget about that. All this from a supporting character? Crazy, right?


This character is abused by farmers everywhere. Because of his unique abilities, he can allow players to level up way faster then they should be able to. If you don’t take him out early you will probably lose.

Earth Spirit

It took the devs a long time to get Earth Spirit up to scratch. Some heroes are just tough to balance. Unfortunately, it seems they went too far in the opposite direction with this infuriating hero.


I’m sure the majority of you will be nodding your heads in agreement. This character is a blatant rip off of Puss in Boots from Shrek (come on we’ve all thought it!) His swashbuckler move is stupidly overpowered and is far too often a game changer. It also has silence and disarm moves which are powerful enough as it is but have a 70% chance of activating. A crazy-high chance for such vicious moves.

Monkey King

It could only be him, couldn’t it? Okay, so he looks the part. He has a unique comedic style, but this hero is no joke. Remember his overpowered life steal, which may as well have been dubbed an “I-win” button? That was thankfully nerfed pretty early on. But since then there have been countless other overpowered gems that haven’t been fixed, or that have taken an eternity to fix and that’s why he takes our number one spot.

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